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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

School starts tomorrow

First-I remembered another super cute saying of Ribbits right now. She noticed that a bunch of Olympic athletes were on the back of the fruit loops box and so she calls them Olympics. In the morning she asks for a bowl of Olympics and some milk :)

Second, its true...we start school tomorrow. We went to meet the teacher tonight. Adam worked tonight so it was me and the 3 kiddos. I am not sure why I ever really take the stroller anywhere. Baby Boy and Ribbit won't stay in it, I can't maneuver it through large crowds and it takes me time (in the heat) to pack it up and put in the trunk. OOOHH wait I remember why, to hold the diaper bag, my purse, waterbottles, bottles, bows and paperwork. So, there I am trudging through the ridiculously packed hallways carrying Baby Boy, herding Ribbit, trying to keep up with Goober and pushing the empty double stroller.....all the while sweating through my freshly applied make up and saying excuse me and sorry every 5 minutes. What a hot mess :).

Regardless we "met" ( i put that in quotes since my kids already know their teachers and I know them as friends) their teachers, met some classmates, said Hi to our past teachers and convinced Ribbit that she could not stay the night at school...she must come home and could return to play tomorr'yo'.

All the bookbags are packed, lunches are made, paperwork filled out and uniforms ironed. Oh, and my classroom is ready, lessons laid out, supplies in their place and syllabi done too :).

Another praise---Our home inspection was today and there aren't any problems to take care of on our part...that means we close next Wednesday!!!!

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