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Thursday, August 9, 2012

First day of school

Today went quite splendid...neither one of my kiddos cried for momma or needed extra hugs.....instead I needed an extra hug and I held back the tears as they both entered their classrooms so confidently.
Ribbit practically begged me to leave so she could play with her friends and Goober was ready to start his morning work....soo, off I went to my own room to get ready for my own students.

I forgot how tiring teaching is, not only just on your body but on your voice. Just like the beginning of every other school year I am already horse and my legs are sore....could be the cute shoes I wore, could be the amount of stairs I scaled or the amount of times I walked back and forth between the grammar, pre-grammar and rhetoric school :).

I did go by and peek at Ribbit during naptime. She was doing anything but napping, she was instructing her pig how to nap and making faces at her teacher and classmates, but there was not a trace of sleepiness in that child. I stood at the door and laughed at her for a minute or so and then went to check on Goob.

That lack of a nap reared its ugly head tonight at 6:30 as Ribbit threw a fit and then fell asleep during her fit, so she went to bed very early tonight.

Goober also went to bed early but only because he showed up in our bedroom at 6:30 (the time we normally wake up) completely dressed...completely with his belt, something I always have to remind him about. With his glasses on, backpack packed and a smile on his face.....he was "so nervous" :).

Here are pictures documenting our morning....I promised Goober "no more pictures" about 5 times but I just can't help only go to 2nd grade once right?

This is actually from last night...Meet the Teacher Night.
 I love how she is smiling at him soo big...check out her new "killy cat" dress :)
The backpack was a little heavy the first day of school....oh, and don't you dare call it a bookbag, its not, its a backpack.
 Baby Boy wanted his picture taken too on the 1st day of you tell me how hard it would be to leave this cute little thang?..SUPER HARD
 Pulling up to school early in the morning.
 Thanks dad for snapping this before we left!
 Their first day, sitting down at their new desks :)
 During dinner tonight, Baby boy showed off his gymnastic talents, watch out Olympics 2030!!!
 We couldn't get a good one of just the two of them because Ribbit wouldn't stop talking...oh well

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