Friday, August 31, 2012

Remembering Part 2

Here is the second part of our Gotcha Day story. Been looking at pics of my kids today...they are growing way toooooo fast!!!

From 1 year ago....

Gotcha Part 2

I want to finish documenting our Gotcha day so that I don't forget to many specifics.....and because we have a fun night planned at Adam's school tonight and I bet we all come home and go straight to bed!
So anyways, we all cheered and started taking pictures.
We took pictures with the main people who have been with us since the beginning and then we took some quick ones in front of the judge. We have our first family photo session scheduled this Saturday so I didn't take hoards since we were on someone else's time. Then we went out into the hallways and the kids and I opened presents. Mrs. Becky got Goober two small motorcycle toys, which were just perfect for him! She also got Ribbit a Teddy Bear and she carried it around the rest of the day. Arrow presented both kids with a Kids Adventure Bible and Goob was thrilled...he has been asking for a new bible and he carried that thing with him all day long yesterday and brought it to school today! They also gave me a charm that represents me and my two new was very very sweet. CASA also gave us frames that they all signed to put our adoption day pictures in. About 10 minutes later our attorney came out with more paperwork for us and told us that the kids new permanent birth certificates would be coming to us and from there we can go their new social security cards. He also gave us the Adoption Decree which is more legally binding than if I were to give birth to both Goober and Ribbit. If we ever lose that decree, we have to go back to a judge in their birth county and go through another hearing to request a new one....its a big deal!
After that we all gave out "bye bye" love and hugs and left telling our CPS worker and caseworker that we wanted more and we knew we would see them again :)...right Adam, right right?

We told Goob that the rest of the day was his to plan...and boy did he. We immediately went to Sonic and all got milkshakes. Then we went home and watched Spy Kids. From there we went to the Chinese Place so that Goob could get his chicken! Then we went to McDonalds to play for about 45 minutes in the play center. Then we went home, put Ribbit to bed and started homework with Goober. He was soooo tired and stayed up 20 minutes past bedtime to finish his math. Besides a sour stomach from so much junk food it was a great day all around!

......and they all lived Happily Ever After :).

(1st family photo--Feb.13th, 2011)

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