Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Update

Updates on the Harvells...

Baby Boy's little body definitely does not like sweet potatoes and/or heat. He loves to be outside though but the heat rashes he get our pretty bad. Of course we started with the one food that he would react too, so now we are on to carrots, peas, other bland veggies. He is trying to crawl so hard. He gets frustrated and buries his head in the carpet and screams. He is up on his knees but just can't move forward.

Ribbit is such a creature of routine. She gets up the same time every morning, about 15 minutes before our alarm goes off :). She lays on the floor beside our bed or out in the hallway by her room. She always, always, always requests "milk, snack and a movie" the minute she wakes up. She also request the same thing when we get home. She is starting to like water a little but milk is her favorite thing to consume!! She is loving school and talks about her teacher and her frreeannnddss all the time .

Goober started his second football season last night. At one point he kinda took over practice and asked his coach to let him be quarterback and he would throw to everyone else. I also heard several kids watching practice say "that little black boy is soo good, he can throw better then me". He is on an upward team of k-2nd graders and I am afraid he is going to be the oldest and get a little frustrated. We shall see.
He started violin today and was super excited. He says that learned exercises to do before playing and how to hold it. I hope he sticks with it and stays this excited.

Alright, off to bed I go.

Friday we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary of the Judge announcing us a legal family and as birthparents. It seems like it has been 10 times that long....but it just took the courts a little longer to catch up to how we were already feeling in our hearts. Now, if we can just get Baby Boy's issues wrapped up we will have even more "gotcha" dates to celebrate!

Happy 1 day late Birthday to my brother. You are an amazing 20 year old, who brings so much happiness to mine and my kids life. We love you and our proud of who you are allowing God to mold you into. We love you...oh and Ribbit says " shut up uncle chris" asked for it :)

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