Friday, December 30, 2016

Shorts and Tank Tops

Serving dessert to kiddos at a Children's Home on Christmas Day.....showing Jesus' love!

Goober did a great job scooping pudding!
This will be our third trip this year where we have had to hit up WalMart and purchase clothing to wear. The weather just hasn't cooperated and where ever we go we bring an unseasonal cold or warm front with us. However, it has made playdates and bike riding a whole lot of fun!
Sleigh Ride at Santas Village

Snowing ..check out Little Man's excitement!

A solo violin for Nana!
Since being at my parents home in South Alabama we have seen aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, college friends and their babies, and still haven't seen them all. Tuesday my Aunt Robin and Uncle Carl came over and we showed them all of our new loot, impressed them with our bike riding skills, tattoo parlor, virtual reality toys and new van :). The kids were very excited to give them the things we had been collecting for them on our travels and from our hometown as they visited us back in November and earlier this year as well.
I may have become a little obsessed with Debbie's green tomato salsa while in Huntsville..I ate it on everything!

Date Night with my handsome hubby!

Later on that night my cousins and their 14 month old came over. We still call him Baby even though he is walking and dancing and talking. The kids love playing with him and we also had a Pie in the Face Showdown competition. It was a great time--I always love hanging out with my cousins as we can just sit and talk and still leave with stomach hurting from laughing.
Pie in the Face with cousins!

Wednesday we met up with some of my college girlfriends and their kiddos. We had lunch together and then headed over to an inflatable play area. Ribbit and Savannah were instant friends and noticed right away that they were missing all the same teeth. They played the entire time together!! Noah and my two boys also hit it off and I was thoroughly impressed with Noah as I watched him run circles around Little other kid has ever worn our Little ever!!!!

Nannie watching a snorkeling expedition!

Haybales with the cousins!

We spent all day today with my parents, finally opening Christmas presents and eating a big breakfast together...after I got in a quick run with my bestie from high school and college! Then we drove over to Eastern Shore and spent the day touring the USS Alabama Battleship, USS Drum Submarine, the Aircraft Pavilion and the tanks. We were tired and hungry!!! Hibachi was on the meny for dinner and the kids enjoyed watching their food being cooked in front of them...everyone left full and ready to snuggle at home. We are now watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, after playing three rounds of Story Cubes!!!
Christmas morning with Lolly and Captain

MY KIDS ARE SUCH OILY KIDS!!! They each got their own diffuser from my parents and HAVE NOT STOPPED TALKING ABOUT THEM. They each got super excited to set them up here at my parents house, pick out their oils to run  while they are sleeping!!! They all also got new blankets and even though it sounds like I am cussing I always say "they are the blankiest" kids ever!! They could live in blankets...which is perfect since my parents got them all blankets they can wear....a mermaid blanket for Ribbit, a shark that looks like its eating you for Little Man, and a Jedi Robe that looks like a huge snuggie for Goober.....they are all actually wearing them right now.
Look at my cute nephew with his Christmas clothes on!

Big family picture before church

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