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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Double Daniel

 I hit post way to early in the day yesterday......turns out my Ribbit also won Daniel of the Month and we had two Daniels to celebrate! They both chose to celebrate with a may live in a healthy house when you chose to throw all cares to the wind and celebrate with a SPRITE....hehe, LOVE IT!!!

Firepit time with Uncle Chris and Aunt Micah...smores and hot dogs!

We ALWAYS make a run to Onyx coffee shop...I love thier Fall Harvest Butternut Squash Latte!

Me and my little brother

Just some shenanigans while Uncle Chris holds scalding hot coffee!

Little Man was so excited to facetime with Collins yesterday...he talked about how shy she was at first but that she talked to after a while. She is home now but is still in the very early stages of chemo and radiation..pray for her and her two fantastic parents if you remember.

Our 2nd trip to Crystal Bridges...A MUST SEE IN BENTONVILLE...this time we did the outdoor art paths.

On our way to see one of Frank Lloyd Wrights homes.

Its so funny to see what kids bring you for Christmas gifts....and how they give it to you. Some of them sneak in and put it on your desk while you are gone. Others dig through a huge bag full of gifts, find yours and shove it in your face with a look that tells you their mother is making them hand out gifts :). Others tell you like it is.... "I know you like oils so here are some." or my favorite from this year has been "I know you won't eat this but maybe your kids will"....hehe, WRONG, girl I ate 1/2 of that awesome chocolate chip cookie!!! And to be honest there are those homemade kids that are handed to you by a snotty nose kid who has just coughed all over you and the present and you think "what a nice thought". I remember when Goober handed a gift to one of his 4th grade teachers and said " here you go, my mom says everyone gets in a bad mood sometimes"....hehe. He had received a mark from her the day before and he didn't think he deserved it. I listened to his side and said "teachers have bad days too, teachers get in bad moods too and if you were the kid who messed up in the thick of that you probably took a mark for everyone else :)". Geesh. I also heard a kid tell a teacher yesterday "My mom said you don't get a present because you got cookies the other day". HA.
Back at their house..."watching" the Iron Bowl...yes, all the men in my family stand within 5 inches of the TV and hoot and holler. I took the littles for a bike ride and could hear the commotion coming from within as we turned onto Chris's block.....I secretly love thier spirit...even when they are upset :).

We also did the kids art activity at Crystal Bridges and Ribbit made hers for Aunt Micah and Baby Levi...its the cutest thing ever and she spent an hour and a half working on it! Love my little artist!

Advent just got even more meaningful in our home as Goober has started taking over certain nights...the littles love to hear him read..and he does a great job of adding tone and reading with emotion. He even asks the questions at the end and I love to see him step up and began to develop those leadership qualities!

One of my favorite meals....Ahi Tuna steak, purple cabbage cooked in bacon grease and blistered tomatoes!

Just some Christmas gifts made with oils...and a huge party to make teachers gifts with oils!
Honey Orange Body wash, Peppermint Chapstick, Lavender Sugar Scrub, Beard oil and Diffuser Necklaces!

Making teacher gifts!

Ready to hand out some goodies!

Mixing and matching scents!

Sweet Brayden showing off his oil gift tower!

Merry Christmas, He is Coming!!

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