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Sunday, December 11, 2016


Its only been cold for a solid two days now but I'm done with it.....I have too many things to do for the weather to be this cold! I officially feel bad for everyone who lives north of the Mason Dixon line and has to train for races outdoors!!!!  If you can't tell the weather is getting in the way of my running and I have a little less than a month to get ready for my marathon at Disney World!!  Carrie and I ran a 1/2 marathon yesterday in 38 degree weather...the run was absolutely fine until mile 12 when I decided I had to eat some of the Larabar in my belt and yet I couldn't take my gloves off of my hands because I couldn't feel not at all. Carrie was fine and had taken her gloves off way back at mile 4.....not ME!! I still couldn't feel them when I got home and attempted to make bacon and eggs. The kids had to crack the eggs and I couldn't even unscrew my water bottle lid. They were red and swollen until I took a long hot shower.........I AM SO HAPPY THAT WE WILL BE RACING IN FLORIDA!!!

Carrie and I try to do some speedwork at least once a week....holding this pace for 5 miles takes some deep breathing and training...maybe because we talk the whole time we run too :).

The beginnings of two paintings I just sold to a new business in town.

LOVE THIS MEAL...Grass fed steak (we went in with another family and bought a whole cow), sauteed collards and onions and sweet potato fries!

We purchased a new violin for Goober yesterday....he is now in a full violin and DANG those things are not cheap.....he basically sealed his fate for life and was told that if we pay that much for a nice violin that he will play it through his senior year of high school. He was STOKED....he only hesitated for a moment and said " mom, I don't want you to feel bad that I won't be in art" (they only get one elective choice in 9-12 grade)" which I replied..."dude, do what you want...I have had kiddos who don't want to be in art and it makes it awful for what you want!". He talked about and played on the violin the rest of the day.

Coming along

We got together with our AHG unit to work on some badges!

Making an edible color wheel for our art badge!

They had to make art out of recyclable material.

He also had a basketball game last night and according to his coach (Adam) did great. I agree...the team is actually playing together and even though the coach shouts from the sidelines the whole time he is also smiling and telling the guys how proud he is of them. It made my mommy/wife heart so happy to hear him brag on the boys even though they lost by 3, while the other coach shouted at her team even though they won. We went to a Greek restaurant after the game and Ribbit saw the baklava and said "look they have Meaty Carrot Cake" to her little brother...ha.

Working on the musical mask at school..I have the sweetest students who let my kids join in on the fun!

Beginnings of the mask for the dream scene in Fiddler on the Roof

My Paleo version of upside down pizza...DELICIOUS

We served at our churches mission event to package food for people in Zambia and Ribbit did a great job on the scales. Our packages had to be between 160-170 grams and she would put each bag on....look at the scale and either take out or add some lentils to get it to the right weight. If it was already correct we would both say "perfect"...she eventually said "mommy, you could walk away for a little bit and I could do this by myself"...she also said " you don't say anything unless I mess up, I wan to do it".......I am totally not sure where this little independent girl came from...she normally wants to be the baby but not anymore. In fact on Wednesday night at church she only wants me to walk her to the corner now, not all the way to her class! Geesh.

From our trip to Hot Springs AR, in front of the natural springs.


We found a candy store and they each got to pick out some unique snacks...Martian Poop was disgusting as we thought..but we ALL tried it!

We found a Star War store....someone thought it was very fascinating!

The other day Ribbit and Little Man were talking about their role in the family and we could hear them saying " Now I am the brother (Ribbit) . And I am the sister (Little Man)"...they had it completely backwards but they agreed that they were siblings at least!

We could have spent the whole day at the Alligator Farm in Hot Springs! These two goats would not leave Goober along. They had him pinned!

He loved that little baby goat

A white reindeer

Help, bubba is caught!

The it?

Adam's new phone takes awesome pictures....This sweet girl wanted to make sure every animal got food.

This deer was beautiful but very territorial!

Look at that pose!

We are approaching the last week of school, which is awesome, but makes it very busy with exams, proctoring, studying, christmas parties, making sure we show every teacher how much we love them, getting things lined up for our trip home and oh yeah, preparing  for a marathon in the COLD!!! ;).
Daddys turn to hold a baby alligator.

Little Man

He wasn't too impressed....he LOVED the big alligators though!

I only did this for my kiddos, I can't stand any sort of reptile.

She could have held him the whole time!
Merry Christmas, HE IS COMING!!!

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  1. What an adorable family you guys have! Such fun things you've been doing! It's cold here, too... I live in Kansas, but we Kansans are known for not being happy with cold OR hot temps. LOL! But really, I just want one good snow (you know, the "snowed-in" type of a foot or so) and then to skip over the rest and get back into Spring! Enjoying reading your blog. Will visit again. (Don't even remember how I got here.) Blessings to your family!