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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hand Warmers

This morning Carrie and I ran a speed run to get our pacing down...We ran 5 miles at an 8:12 average....we will definitely not be pacing that for our marathon but wanted to do it to build up endurance....but YOWZAS...that plus stairs yesterday has my calves screaming. The biggest difference though was my hand warmers...another running buddy gave me 4 sets of handwarmers and let me tell you they WORK! I shoved them into my gloves and towards the end thought I may need to dump them as my hands were sweating!

Playing at the Science museum in Hot Springs, was sooo stinkin cool, we could have stayed all day!

Just hanging out!

The tree top bridges were a big hit!

This morning Little Man was awarded another Daniel of the Month!!!! It was a surprise but he marched up there like a boss and stood there proudly owning his great behavior. What made it even cuter is that today is Pajama Day and he tucked in his Spider Man top into his bottoms :).

The Tesla lightning show was so awesome and we all learned a lot about electricity!

Big Man got to be one of the volunteers to make a closed circuit

Ribbit and I spent some time unearthing this large dinosaur outside..she loved bossing me!

Ribbit is on a hair straightening role...she wants her hair to be soft and straight. So we have straightened it the last two mornings.....its sooo stinkin long and beautiful and she looks like a teenager...a very beautiful teenager at that!

Playing with circuits

Seeing how cold/hot we are....They were amazed at how cold my nose and fingers are....THEY ARE BLACK which means no heat!!! I am telling you folks, I STAY COLD!!!!

More poses!

Goober has been loving every minute of Trail Life with his dad. They learned how to tie knots this past Monday and he can't stop talking about it. He also has been learning a lot of card tricks and showing them to us around the in the thick of "get ready for school" morning  madness!!!

We will definitely come back for another visit!

Immediately after our long day at the Alligator Farm and Museum...he was wiped!

We have loved serving over the past few days a family at the Feeding Children Everywhere at our church and then I took my 8th grade Honor Society group to process shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child....that was a lot of fun and I love that our parents serve right alongside our kiddos!

Next stop was Bentonville to eat dinner with Uncle Chris and Aunt Micah...then we headed to the hotel...As usual, I got up and ran my 10 miles on Thanksgiving!

They saved a huge box for the kids to play in...Uncle Chris is behind it I think?

Throwing football and riding bikes!

Ribbit loved having two little girls next door to play with!!! She is always surrounded by boys.

Marathon countdown is 25 days....we bought our plane tickets yesterday and are planning an 18 mile run for this Saturday before we begin to taper!! I am not worried at all.....just so excited to run for Collins, run at Disney, run with one of my besties, run supporting the great things Give Kids the World offers and help my bestie check marathon off of her bucket list!!!
I love this picture that Adam got...Micah and I are talking in front of their house and Little Man is demonstrating some great obedience....We have taught him that if he needs something and we are talking to an adult to come touch us, we will acknowledge that we feel him and touch him back...if its urgent he squeezes us, if not we ask him what he needs when we are done talking ... its been fantastic!

I couldn't love this picture more...All of us together, even showing Baby Levi some love!!!

We added 2 to our Black Friday shopping this year and they did great!

Merry Christmas , He is Coming!!!

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