Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Season

Christmas Season is definitely here which means we are cramming in caroling, mission work, programs and christmas movies.

The kids are looking forward to Christmas break...and honestly so are we...even though we just got back from Arkansas for our Thanksgiving Break.

This past week was rather exciting as Little Man got 2 Daniel stickers on back to back for bring reverent and the other for showing self control....we awarded him like crazy and made a super big deal out of it!! Goober had a great strings performance on Wednesday and was on Safety Team all week long which he loves since he gets hot cocoa! I had a whirlwind week as I was admitted into the Walt Disney World Marathon to run for Team Collins...I am running on Jan 8th and have until the 12th to raise $1900...its for Collins through so I WILL DO IT! My sweet friend, Carrie, who is also my running buddy and has a daughter in Collins class will also be running with me and we are STOKED!!!!

I love every single one of these pictures from the 5 days that my Parents and Aunt stayed with us.
Aunt Robin is good at snuggling and reading bedtime stories.

Everyone got to eat lunch with family that week.

I got to try out some new Paleo Crockpot recipes...Venison Stew...lick your lips good!

CC and Papa were the celebrity readers to Ribbit's first grade class....what a treat!

Papa led them through the steps of drawing a penguin.

Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Carrot and Pear Soup...another hit!!!

Little Man had quite the fan base at his baseball game!

Beautiful day for baseball

Wearing our matching shirts from Aunt Robin...I LOVE THEM!!!

Making smores and hot dogs with our family and neighbors!

We love cooking over the fire pit.

Getting her groove on at a birthday party.

Papa and Goober spent some serious time learning how to jump ramps on his bike...he is hooked!

Our sweet Ribbit showed everyone her commitment to Christ as she was baptized on Sunday morning...we are so stinking proud of her and the tender heart she has towards the Lord.

Cheesy pictures with the grandparents!

REALLY CHEESIN IT UP!!!! This is the last picture of them as grandparents of 3....the next one will be with #4..BABY LEVI!!

We all got to attend the precious Baby Shower for Mr. Levi!

She thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes!

My momma and I after church. I am so glad that they are willing to take off work and come hang out with us.

A shot of Ribbit's baptism....Adam did a great job reminding her that her church family would be holding her accountable her whole life and that she was now his SISTER IN CHRIST!

Another birthday party at the skating rink...I promise we go to 10 birthday parties a month, AT LEAST!

Skating with Daddy.

At the shower for Levi ...this is what I had made for his nursery....its his heartbeat inside of stars which is the theme of his nursery. I got a vision from God as I was spending time with Micah in Arkansas over Spring Break....I want to make more of these for moms who may have lost their children but have the heartbeat or a video of it. I knew that my little nephew though had to have the first one and I wanted him to know how excited his Aunt was to meet him!!!!!

Behind the scenes shot of Ribbit's baptism....right before this she looked up at us and said " I have been waiting such a long time for this day"....cue tears!!!! I love my sensitive husband, he was a hot mess and about squeezed her to death as he told her how proud he was!!!

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