Thursday, December 8, 2016

It was a duck....

Its really funny to sit back and just watch our kids they interact, the way they try to parent each other and how they pick up all of our habits...good and bad.

This morning, there was 4 of us in one bathroom....this happens about 10 times a day as the two littles refuse to use their bathrooms and end up in ours. Little Man let loose a toot and we all looked around to see who it came from. Ribbit said "Little Man, was it you?" and he very quickly said " it was that duck!!!"......HAHAHAHA....just like his daddy!!!

Love the pose and love Little Man is showing in his final team picture!!!

Ribbits turn to be in the color guard at American Heritage Girls!

Working hard with our unit to stuff our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!!

Last night I got a text from Ribbit's sweet teacher saying that the more she gets to know Ribbit the more she sees me in she LOVES art and how she loves to pay attention to her hair and earring choice...those little things make a momma's day.

1st Grade Thanksgiving Feast...1st graders are Indians and pick a name for themselves...Meet Lily of the Valley...LOVE IT!!!

Most of the 1st grade girls...precious friends!!

PK4 Thanksgiving Party....waiting patiently to eat his cute little pilgrim!!!

Look at that reverent prayer.....momma had to snap a picture.

Goober with his reading buddy at the Thanksgiving Feast. I love this program where the 6th graders are paired with 1st graders to read to them all year...Goober got his good bud Cannon from church!!

Goober is really fascinated by our love of christmas music right now. He wants me to play the Pentatonix christmas songs all day long and he will sit and watch their music videos for hours...he also loves to listen to violin solos of popular songs and try to replicate it...he is working on something special for Christmas. The other day I noticed that he was HUMMING again...the child does not stand still or sit still ever...he is constantly rocking...and on top of that he HUMS, all day every day......I was about to tell him to QUIT when I realized that I do the same thing and must annoy the snot out of my family members....I hum song and sing one line of lyrics over and over and over again...another evidence that these 3 were meant to be OURS!!!

Science Night at school....our new favorite tradition. Making patterns with our fingers.

She wanted to be Lily of the Valley still :). She and I loved the printmaking station using food!!

You can't see it but there is a rat crawling into his hair...and he loved it!!!

We have been enjoying our Advent time as usual but this year we are asking more questions about the stories and relying heavily on our kids daily activities to help provide some very applicable ways that we can show Christ. They are no longer fighting over whose turn it is to hang the ornament and they are having to listen closely as we switched Advent Bibles last year....still love our Jesus Storybook Bible though!!!

Look closely..there are shoes of a 12 year old boy sticking out of that box....Goober loves to get in a box and let the two littles pretend he has fallen they "quietly" push him out onto the porch and then laugh and laugh and call for the trash man to come take him away!! 

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