Saturday, December 17, 2016

Last Day of School

We did it, we made it through another Fall semester. We celebrated Christmas in every single grade....lots of minute to win it games...cookie decorating....jingle bell giving. The sugar intake at school has been scary and the smell of sugar during the gingerbread house contest was a little was almost worse than the overwhelming smell at Kirklands.

The most handsome boy on the Safety Team at school!

Little Man chose to be thankful for his grandparents for the class project this year!

We LOVE getting presents from Aunt Robin....she thinks of everyone!! Coffee for mom...nutella energy bites for Adam, Peeps, mittens and peeps for the kiddos!

Ribbit, due to her fear of public speaking was the technology guru in her first grade Christmas play. She was more than happy to change the slides and LOVED the fact that her teacher let her dress up like a donkey to do it.....she was the cutest slide changer ever.

Announcing our marathon plans for Team Collins...Carrie and I will be running at Walt Disney World on Jan. 8th!!!

This little man has been working so hard on self control this year....he has earned several Daniel Stickers and put up our first Advent ornament on our Jesse Tree this year!

When you lead all the pep rallies at school there are a lot of costume changes...seriously, our school pep rallies are the best due to Adam's upbeat attitude and HILARIOUS antics!
We have a full weekend as we will be placing wreaths on the veterans graves in Arlington, playing basketball, caroling with our Sunday School class and just a little 18 mile run for momma :). The fun part is that I really do look forward to these long runs with Carrie...and especially since our friends are meeting us to get in 6 miles and 8 different points so it changes up the conversation and helps the time fly by. Tomorrow the weather should be perfect too!!!
He couldn't wait to tell Phoenix about his award...and then he quickly chose Chick Fil A for dinner as his reward :)

Stacie, my awesome neighbor and I went to the Amy Grant/ Michael W. Smith christmas concert!

Jordan Smith, who recently won The Voice also performed.....he was stinkin awesome!!!

Amy Grant was a big part of my childhood...lots of dancing and music videos with my brother made to her songs.
Our tree looks like we know a WHOLE lot of people...its really just the fact that we don't put anything under the tree...only around the perimeter of the tree skirt....and then there are the present that look like wads of notebook paper....but if you look close they are from Goober...he just happened to wrap them in notebook paper :).
I am not sure what to say about my 3 sweet elves...My youngest son is holding the brightest pink animal ever, he isn't looking either. My oldest son is tucking his chin down and we had to look for 10/15 minutes for clothes that fit him because he won't quit growing....Ribbit looks fine but then again she can pose at a seconds notice....Love these 3!

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