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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Traveling South

We left Huntsville yesterday and began the drive South....first we stopped and ate lunch with one of Adam's closest friends and his family from high school. We love to meet up with this family any time we are in town as they have 3 kids who are close in age to ours. We normally go out on a double date but this time we brought all the kiddos and it was amazing to see how much they have grown. They were all good friends by the end of lunch and Little Man was dripping wet from fishing pennies out of the fountain for his new friend Hannah :).

Ribbit in her favorite climbing tree in Lolly and Captains neighborhood.

And incase I haven't mentioned it yet, which I am not sure how, MY NEPHEW IS HERE! He was born on December 21st at 8:30 at night..8lbs 7 oz. Baby, Mom and Dad are doing great! I can't wait to go see them as a new family of 3....the lip on this little buy is the cutest!
Hard to believe that my little brother is a DAD!

Look at that perfect little gift from God!

Then we headed to Birmingham to visit Uncle Jason and Aunt Erika's new apartment. Its really big and they have a great scenic view. The kids of course loved seeing all of their pets and watching Ratatouille with Aunt Erika. We got to my parents house about 7:30 and stayed up talking and catching up until we heard the motorcyle...thats the cue that Papa is home so they "scared" him and then we all settled down for bed.
We all chose a hat to wear from Lolly's collection to go see Santa in..the boys may have scared him!

We asked the kids what their favorite part of the Huntsville Christmas was and there are their answers:

Goober-Riding bikes at the church
Ribbit-Looking at the christmas lights on the houses
Little Man-same as big brother of course!!!, and watching Moana
Adam-seeing relatives
Kinzie-Watching Goober give Nana a solo violin concert!

Everyone in our family got new rides this year....We must have been good!
We are waiting for Aunt Robin and Uncle Carl to arrive this morning and have plans to meet up and play with college friends and their kids tomorrow!

We are all sweating to death in our long sleeve clothes as the temperatures have been in 60s all week long!!!

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