Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Campig Trip

I am on a roll with blogging eh? OR, I have some free time now that we are on break...OR I am in a hotel room surrounded by 4 other sleepyheads and have already worked out, showered and am waiting for them to wake up and eat some breakfast !!!!

Ill take it though!!!

Here are some pictures from our campout with our Sunday School group...I know I say it all the time but they are family to us and we love sharing our lives and weekends with them!!!! They make us better parents, friends, spouses and more importantly, hold us accountable to walk right with God.

Learning how to make CampFire Eclairs with Tammy....Tammy works at CCA too and her son Brayden is one of Goober's besties. Tammy is also in my running group!

Goober liked the eclairs but said they would have been better with dark chocolate, thats my boy!!!

Yup, she ate the whole thing!!!

Some of the men folk HAD to watch the football games that weekend...I don't blame them..LSU vs. Alabama was a must see...we were all rooting for LSU :).

We went for a hike with Ranger Rick..yup, thats his real name. He showed us how to look for animal tracks, signs of animals, their homes and their SCAT....a nice word for poop!!!

Fishing on the pier...Goober was the only one who caught something!

Adam's new phone takes beautiful pictures as it blurs out the background.

Tammy and I ran while the boys rode their bikes boys down some nature paths. We suddenly saw some deer crossing the paths. If you look behind the 3 boys you will see one deer who stopped and looked at the camera right as I said CHEESE!!!

This was a fun time, learning to skip rocks..we were all making bets and trying to see who could skip the most...I think Goober and Mrs. Kathyrn WON!!

I loved snuggling in the camera with these two!

The little ones needed some help keeping up on our hikes. To the right you can see Goober and Brayden showing off their FROG finds! They killed frogs by throwing rocks at them, then cooked them...YUCK!!! ALL BOY!!

Just hanging out!

Showing off his frogs!

No camping trip is complete without smores!
 My favorite memory from the whole trip is sitting with all the moms (there was 5 of us) close to the fire on Friday night. The men were sitting together too talking. The children (all 10 of them) were riding in a circle around us on their multiple scooters and bikes at TOP SPEED. I mean it was hysterical. They didn't get hurt, they never argued and I wish we would have sat up a time lapse of the night to see how many times they FLEW around us and played as we all huddled and had some great fellowship. I will treasure our camping memories forever!!!

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