Friday, November 18, 2016


We have had a very busy and fun last week and a half. As I mentioned before we had a lot of family in town visiting us as they drove through and for Ribbit's baptism and my SIL's baby shower for Mr. Levi. We also had a lot to do with our extra curricular our very last coach pitch baseball game, Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party with AHG, a woodshop meeting with Trail Life and Science Night at our school....oh and 3 Thanksgiving Feast, 2 art competitions and some curveballs with a broken dryer :).
Collins sweet family at a football game where we prayed and honored Collins!

She wanted Big Man to go out on the field with her and the cheerleaders!

They are the sweetest of friends!!!!

Releasing purple balloons for Collins!
I can't help but be thankful though...we have family that is willing to fly and drive to see us. We have a school that loves our kiddos and wants them to love Jesus above all else. We have friends who would drop everything to meet a need. We have jobs that allow us to provide for our family and bless them on top of that. We have children who want a mommy and daddy that isn't their same skin color....and yet continue to resemble us more and more daily. We have neighbors who keep up with us and want to live in community. We have a God who allows us to enter his presence just through the simple act of spoken word...without any sacrifices or work....who wants to be in communion with us though we are as filthy rags compared to Him.

Making a catapult at Trail Life

My most recent entry that was just accepted into an Art opening is tonight actually!

I'm very thankful for my family and want to document some memories. While Aunt Erika and Jason were here visiting they wanted to walk the kids to school. Our kiddos tried to convince them that they should a)ride their scooters to school b) bring stuffed animals that are as large as they are and c) that they didn't need their bookbags.....nice try but Erika and Jason weren't born yesterday.

She wanted to be Minnie Mouse one more time....Costume party at church.

He really wanted to be a "Stunk" so I whipped this costume up for him...its quite adorable!

My very colorful flamingo and Stunk!!!

My big girl got baptized this past Sunday and while we were all waiting in the back for the baptismal doors to open she kept smiling and saying " I have been waiting for this day for so long!"....of course we cried....Daddy LOST it ;). We are so proud of her commitment to the Lord, she really is a changed little girl.

My new favorite thing....Wild Orange Sugar skin feels SOOOOOO smooth...great for shaving too!


She was a ladybug for a Trunk or Treat deal at church..but wanted her picture taken with the chickens before we left :)

Someone was super tired after a football game....she stayed like this after we parked at home and opened all the doors :).

I love hearing our kids pray.....Baby Boy asks Jesus to lay his hands on Collins and heal her of cancer. Goober asks for safety for everyone and is always thankful for food :), and Ribbit prays that her brothers will obey and that Aunt Micah's baby will come out and not hurt her :).

Our Neighborhood Fall Festival was a success...we got to know so many of our sweet neighbors!

Game area for kids

Photo booth area

My treadmill hasn't gotten much use over the past 2 weeks as our guests have been staying in the play room but I HAVE SO ENJOYED being active with family and friends. Goober, Aunt Robin and I went on a walk/bike ride one morning and it was beautiful. My dad and I walked around the neighborhood looking at motorcycles another day and every other morning I met up with girlfriends to run or lift weights. My Aunt Robin and I even went to a hot yoga class....which was SO CHALLENGING but very fun!!

As people were starting to show up...this was our welcome area!

Getting to know one another!

The 5 families that put this shindig on...this is long after everyone left and it was dark...we had just finished cleaning up. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!

Our sweet neighbor Mr. Adams led us all through the pledge and national anthem...there were several tears as we honored veterans as well.

Mrs. Tootie came home....all the neighborhood kids LOVE her!...and let me note that Ribbit had got into the face paint by this point,..she painted in all red and black..then went inside and TRIED to wash it all off!!!!

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