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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hot Springs AR

We made it to Hot Springs. The weather was awful the whole time, which seems to be the case everytime we attempt to visit Arkansas, we bring the rain with us. Its also pretty cold, which is fine as we are approaching Thanksgiving but it requires us to pack MORE clothes!
Remember that time when I thought we had finally arrived? When we didn't have to pack strollers, pack and play and gobs of diapers? When I declared that we could travel light and actually buy souvenirs? WRONG! We have a trunk full of bikes, scooters and helmets now...our luggage is strategically placed around the children...extra padding right? All 3 of them got the bike bug, learned how to ride without training wheels (the 2 littles, Eli already knew how) in 1 day and now we must have our bikes with us everywhere we go. I enjoy watching them though and they tire their little bodies out as well :).

We made our way to the Natural Hot Springs today and took a little self guided tour. We also shopped through some of the downtown area and enjoyed dinner at Bleu Monkey Grill. Oh and there was that $20 trip to the Old Time Candy Store where we found Pina Coloda Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars, WarHead Gummies, Super Man Jelly Beans, Moonpies, Black Cherry Lemonade, Old Fashion Root Beer and wait for it ......Martian Poop!!!!!! Sugar High is an understatement!!!

They have been so funny about our trip...asking first thing when they wake up every morning "is today the day we are leaving?"....and counting down seconds until they get to swim in the INDOOR pool at our hotel. We love Country Inn and Suites and always stay at them for 3 reasons...1)indoor pool and hot tub....2) great breakfast that rivals most hotel "powdered eggs" breakfast buffets and 3) clean gym. The price ain't bad either!

My poor husband has had a WEEK. I spent most of the day on Friday and Saturday in Dallas at an Art Teachers Conference (which was sooo fantastic and rejuvenating!) He threw out his back digging at the school earlier this week and yet managed to do all the laundry, vacuum, take care of kids, pack the kids for the trip...I KNOW!!, and do most of the dishes. He is somewhat better, and I think the hotel hot tub is helping tremendously!!

Trunk O Treat..we had about 400 costumes for Halloween this year....I let Goober be scary for some of them...I know it may be frowned upon but eh, he is 12 and does not want to be a puppy or storm trooper!

Awesome scar tattoos I found!

Family pic before heading out to trick or treat with church friends...Goober is doing a great job at being "death".

Look at those cuties!

3 of us got together and dressed our girls as "flamingo/parrots?"

One of my closest running buddies...Love her!

Playing Uno with Uncle Jason after breakfast. Big Man taught him his version of Uno!

Look at this beautiful piece made by one of my juniors using cracked glass!

Another silly face picture at lunch with friends!

Thank goodness for construction sites, or Buddy the Elf may not have made it the whole trick or treat route!

These are my people!

At the last pep rally we led, Adam hung on the rope during Tug of stinkin funny!    

Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for many many things!

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