Friday, November 4, 2016

Lots of family

We are so excited for the next two weeks.

We will get to see Aunt Erika, Uncle Jason, Aunt Micah, CC, Papa and Aunt Robin...and they are all staying with us. The kids love it when we have family in town, its a very special treat!!!! They all want them to sleep with them and are already planning on who will sit beside who at dinner. Good grief :).

 We made a special trip to see our bestie Collins as she was discharged from the hospital after having two tumors removed from her left lung. I have no idea how her parents stay so strong but Kim and Clint are put together and ready to tackle cancer yet again. Our sweet cheerleaders came with us to do a pep rally for Collins since she missed our big one for the year earlier that morning. You can see that Ribbit was soo happy to hang out with the cheerleaders!
 Buuuuuutt, Collins wasn't as excited to see the cheerleaders...she spotted Little Man and screamed his name as she darted towards him...then she asked her parents " can we pway now?"...YES YES, PWAY AWAY!!!! Anything that gives this little thing back any since of normalcy. She loves her some Little Man and about 2 weeks before her surgery had told me that "He said he won't marry me and I am mad!!"

We decided that since we were so close to our favorite restaurant in Fort Worth we should eat there. The kids love Yucatan Taco Stand and they always want the nachos...yes, that is one serving and yes they brought home leftovers!!!    

We are leaving tomorrow for  a 3 day camping trip with our Sunday School class and we are pumped. Weather should be great, company will be fantastic and we are going to work on some things towards badges for Trail Life and AHG.

After we got home from our 40000th trick or treating deal the kids asked "what one candy would you want to live off of the rest of your life? Answers :
Goober-Reese Cups
Ribbit-Dark Chocolate
Little Man-Reese Cups
Mom-Almond Joy
Its funny though how much they celebrated over getting gum!!!

I love her sense of style...She is the cutest!

Someone got to play pitcher!!!

Baseball ready

I hosted a Make and Take party where 12 ladies made Honey Orange Body Wash, Lavender Sugar Scrub and Peppermint/Lemon chapstick. It was a lot of fun and we all loved learning how to make products that are free of artificial fragrances!

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