Monday, January 2, 2017

We are Home and so is Nana

As we were driving back to Texas on Saturday we got a phone call letting us know that Nana Harvell had passed away that morning. It was a shock as we just had spent Christmas Day with her and she seemed to be doing well. Adam of course was very upset, but since she was such a loving grandma we all were very sad. The kids immediately began to talk about our last time with her ....

Goober remembered playing violin for her, flying the drone at her house, eating her yummy food and her little dog and the big teddy bear.

Ribbit remembered shopping through her things, going out into her garden and playing on her steps. She carries around the green stuffed frog she gave her everywhere!

Little Man remembered going to her garden, getting Pez dispensers and seeing her pineapple that she grew.

Adam has many that he kept talking about was how thoughtful she was in her gift giving....and that she used to pick out 10 or more little things for each of them.

I loved talking to her about teaching, gardening and her church. She always told me that she read this blog first thing when she awoke every fact she said her routine was get up, make the bed, put on clothes, get her something to drink and go sit at the computer.

She is at home now, with her Creator and Lord. She knew and served Him well and we all will miss her terribly.

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