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Thursday, January 12, 2017

What a week!

I tell you I can't believe how good I feel. I was SORE on the plane but the minute I got home and started using oils I felt great. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! Then I went to get a massage on Monday and she "cupped" my legs and back you remember the cirlces on Michael Phelps back during the Olympics? That was from cupping. It pulls all of the scar tissue to the top of your skin and allows your muscles to repair quicker and get a deeper massage. When I walked in to get the massage ..I was stiff....when I walked out I was GOOD TO GO. I mean, I went home and got stuff done...which meant that the Gilmore Girl marathon I had planned for didn't happen...I even ran 5 miles yesterday and 3 today....I FEEL GREAT!...Now, my hunger is a different story..I could eat every hour and I HAVE!!!!!!

Collins sporting her Team Collins marathon shirt...isn't she the cutest little thing?
When I was recapping the race I forgot 3 very funny least funny to me.

1-When going through security at the airport as we headed down to Orlando the X-ray machine EXPOSED my large tupperware of roasted sweet potatoes...the guard unzipped my carry on and reached in to grab the tub. As he lifted it up and yelled "who's is this?"..I noticed that my "unmentionables" were hanging from the tupperware lid. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED....I just lifted my hand, lowered my head and walked up. He said "what are those?"...I should have said "underwear"...but I knew he meant the food so I said "sweet potatoes". He grinned and shoved them back in. Carrie laughed at my packing skills all weekend.

I am sure my Mom, Husband and Virg are also cracking up as they have moved with me and have seen my packing skills or lack thereof. I like to pack in grocery bags and in ways that makes sense to me....unmentionables don'g belong in a seperate zipped compartment, they belong beside my sweet potatoes to keep them from shifting during the flight!! HEHEEHEH

These girls are my ROCK...they helped Carrie and I train by meeting us for parts of our long runs to change things up, bring us food and water, offer encouragement...its so important to have good training buds who will run 13.1 miles in the rain with you...YUP, they sure did!! This was our last long run before we left for Disney!

2-When we got to the airport after the marathon, I WAS STARVING....and this guy had a juicy looking chicken sandwich with bacon and avacado.....I could not stop staring and ran smack into the wall. Like, very obviously with my head turned as I SMACKED into a wall. He looked up and smiled...probably thought I was drooling over him ( I honestly can't remember what he looked like). Carrie laughed and laughed....and I couldn't stop thinking about that SANDWICH!!!!

The day before we left I ran around my house and stopped to take selfies...I HAD TO PRACTICE FOR THE RACE!!! I was also wearing my Ninja Turtle PJ's and playing with a fish eye lens!

3-Like I said it was very COLD, like the cold that makes you MAD!!! I noticed that there were a bazillion porty potties that were empty as people in corrals ahead of us made their way out onto the race. So, like any sane person would do I found one that wasn't as smelly and stood in it. I JUST DIDN'T was warmer, there was no wind and as long as I didn't look down I was fine. It was pitch black dark anyways so I pretended it was clean!!!

One very happy little boy who scored an UnderArmor Star Wars shirt, a Maui doll and a huge jawbreaker from Disney!!

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