Monday, January 16, 2017

The last of christmas

I never full got to wrap up our Christmas break...and I have so many great pictures from our time with my family in South Alabama!!

This week has been SO UGLY...rain and cold and 2 of my runs have been in awful combination. I don't mind the cold, but it does get hard to breathe at some point. The kids are ready for sunshine too as they have new bikes, easy riders and scooters that need riding.
One of my very favorite gifts this year is my KEEP bracelet...with my arrow and birth stones for each kiddo!

Inside the submarine at the USS Alabama....This was a major fear that I overcame.

Practicing to be a captain!

My dad and Goober reinacting a very awkward Titanic pose....hehe.

It was quite windy but a great day to tour the battleship!

Looking for bad guys to shoot down!


In our matchy matchy outfits on bunk beds in the sub.

All 5 of us in the massively cramped sleeping quarters...look at Ribbit zonked out :)

Those are some really big tanks!

My parents treated us to a fun hibachi dinner after touring! BIG FLAME, Little Man keeps talking about the onion volcano!

A great shot of the Grands and Greats! Probably one of my all time favortites of the 5 of them.
I am missing quite a few pictures from our actual Christmas morning with them...I'll have to do some digging!

Little Man was so happy to get his own bow and arrow set so he can be like big bubba!

She has wanted a mermaid blanket for soooo long. 

This may  have been his favorite present....well next to the bike. He sleeps in it nightly and says his favorite part of every day is waking up in it and being super warm.

Each kiddo got their own diffuser too....we use them nightly and  have been getting great sleep!!!!

If you can't tell my kids are BIG into blankets....they cycle through them constantly and every night you can hear us all grabbing our favorites to bring to the couch.

Daddy had to have some fun too!

Papa got chocolate covered insects since he ate all the kiddos chococlate halloween candy!!!

Counting their $1 bills they get in their stocking every year!

7 for a big 7 year old!

I'm off to finish up some chores and get some things done as we have the day off for MLK day. 

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