Thursday, January 5, 2017

Back to life...back to reality

We have been back at school for 3 days now and we are all so tired from getting back into a routine....but then again our routine changed yesterday as Adam and Goober got on a plane to head to Nana's funeral in Alabama. I think Goober was excited to fly but nervous at the same time as he asked a million questions at breakfast ...which brings me to our family 2017 goals. 

We love getting together with friends over the break. This is one of my besties little girls. Brenna, the momma, and I were high school besties and college roomates. Savannah is 8 and is such a sweetheart. Ribbit and Savanah figured out real quick that they were missing the same teeth and were instant buds!

The boys were harder to capture a picture of...but that is Noah and my Little Man playing hard!

-Off of all electronics from 5-6:30 every night..this allows me to be fully present at dinner/HW time/time for reading out loud and/or getting ready for the next day
-Take one kiddo to breakfast every week for some one on one time...this week I started with Goober..I learned all about why he won't pass the basketball to a certain other boy because he thinks he is lazy and I learned that he was a little nervous to fly. 
-Weight training 2 days a week....4 days running...1 rest day a week
-Develop better sportsmanship
-Pray with mom and dad before bed every night..this has become a really sweet time for all the kids...I sing to them and Adam prays over each one.I hold their face in my hands, play with their face or hold their hands while I sing it.....I learned it at summer camp when I worked there during college and used to sing it to them when they were little but had recently forgotten about it.
"Lay down my dear children, Lay down and take your rest....Won't you lay your head, upon your Savior's breast? ....I love you, Oh but Jesus loves you best.....And I bid you good night (kiss kiss), good night (kiss kiss), good night.....(whisper and repeat)". 
I love that they already know it and sing it with me...Goober even shakes his head like I do when I say "i love you"..hehe.
Baby Boy and Daddy
-undecided but enjoying every one elses goals!

WE LOVE to hang out with Baby Kamden, cousin Destiny and cousin Mason..they are so much fun and are always up for anything.....including...

Pie in the Face!!!

We had Baby Boy's mid year conference  yesterday and I was so overjoyed to hear his teacher talk about how far he has come in his obedience this year....and of course she agrees that he is wise beyond his years..which is to his demise sometimes as he gets bored...he has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, especially biblical knowledge. He will yell out answers from the potty and doesn't want to miss a thing. .....Unlike his big sister who last night at the dinner table said her favorite part of the day was Music and her least favorite was "actually working at school".....hahahah. 

Snuggles on a lazy day at my parents home while we watched The Grinch!

More snuggles with Brenna's youngest Olivia!! I could eat her up!

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