Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sentence per Picture

I promise that I will post about other things other than this race just meant so much to me and consumed my life for the last literally consumed me!!!!

In no specific order...
The only characters we stopped to take pictures with, kinda!

We had to fight for a spot to take this picture with the Tree in Life in Animal Kingdom

Runing the field at the ESPN center...see the narrow run ways?

Entering Hollywood Studios...the 4th park we ran through during the race.

Our official WE DID IT picture!!!

Right after we crossed the finish line...some tears starting to form..before we got wrapped in foil!

I may have stalked Carrot Top when he used the bathroom on the plane!

Maybe my favorite picture from the race so far...haven't seen Disney's official pictures....the castle was just beautiful and the streets were lined with people cheering!

Waiting on our plane to leave Dallas..and waiting, and waiting.

All Star resort, this picture is totally for my boys.

Meeting Kelly, who lost her son this past year to Cancer....what a sweet lady.

All Star Resort...see the weather starting to get NASTY?

Heading into the expo.

A very full, very nice fitness expo!

The course!

Outside of ESPN as the temperature continued to plummet


Some of our favorite friends!

Mickey wanted me to show that he was on my shirt!

Just goofing off!

The largest Disney store in the world!

WAITING to start the race....I get cold just looking at this picture!

Entering Magic Kingdom

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