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Friday, March 27, 2015

Fitness Friday-Cryotherapy

This past weekend a local wellness center was offering Cryotherapy sessions for $10 bucks. I figured for that much I had nothing to lose.
I went in knowing this...
they lower your body temperature so that your brain sends out signals to replenish your cells, thus reducing inflammation, relieving any swelling or soreness and maybe allowing you a better nights sleep. I also heard a rumor that it creates an endorphin rush.
What I learned from my session...

1-You stand in a tube with your head poking out as COLD COLD nitrogen is pumped all around you. You spin on your own time just like a rotisserie chicken, keeping your head up so that you don't pass out from the nitrogen.
2- You are only in the tank for 2-3 minutes and it goes by super fast. There is a technician who stands beside the machine and can turn it off at anytime in case of emergencies. She had me so engaged in conversation that it literally felt more like 20 seconds rather than 2 minutes.
3-You are naked, besides gloves and socks. Its awkward but the tube covers everything except your head so its not like you are in your birthday suit with an audience.
4-You feel like chicken left in the freezer for way too long. When you step out, freezer burn takes on a whole new meaning.
5-YOU ARE ENERGIZED. All of those new cells, all of those endorphins, all of that repairing and rebuilding causes a surge of energy!!!
6-I personally noticed a relief of soreness/ popping in my left knee. I had run stairs that morning but had to stop at 30 minutes because of the annoyance I felt was starting to build up in the outside of my left knee. The  next morning, after cryotherapy I ran stairs for a full hour and FELT FANTASTIC!!!
7-I would recommend it to anyone. I have several friends who have tried it since and they all love it. One of my teaching buddies has shooting pains in his feet from standing up all day. He has done cryothearpy twice now and has found great instant relief! His side effect though is a rush of sweat when he steps out :).
I snapped this picture of the Cryo-Tube after my session. You can still see some of the nitrogen clearing out. I was in a rush to get my clothes on so its not a great picture. My therapy had me going down to -155 Fahrenheit for 2 minutes. They base this off of your age, weight and current blood pressure, which they monitor.

Give it a try!!! I will definitely be going back, when there are more specials that is!!!!!

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