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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fitness Friday-Have a plan!

Fitness Friday didn't happen yesterday since we were literally on the road all day long....from 7-5. That's 10 hours long but I was fully counting on a full 12 hours as I had the two littles with me and no hubby. However, my kids were rockstars. We only stopped 4 times, all for potty breaks, 2 combined with re-fueling. They ate snacks, watched movies, played with their pals (stuffed animals) and sang along to their VBS cd. I was super impressed with their behavior. I think the key was having light snacks every 2 hours as well, or at least that was the key for this momma :).

Silly face!

Directions...I am technology challenged.

Barbie and Capt America juice with bagel and turkey sandwiches for lunch. YUM!

Night night time...this lasted about 1 hour...then I had to stop at a light and they were both wide eyed within seconds.

Crossing the Mississippi River

With about 30 minutes left in our drive we are all smiles.

Now for FITNESS. I really want to emphasize how important having a plan is. I am one of those people who will write out a list and include things that I have already done so I can gleefully check them off!!

Every night I write out my weight circuit, HILT plan or decide how long my run will be. That way I have something to check off during my morning exercise routine. If I rely on my 4:45 am brain to plan something out I normally end up just running while listening to a podcast, which is perfectly fine once a week, but doesn't challenge my body.

I also plan plan plan my meals. For instance I knew we would be in the car for 10 hours yesterday. I also knew that nothing good comes out of a gas station and most fast food joints. So, I packed all of our snacks and lunch the day before. Pre-popped 100 calorie popcorn, oranges, matzah, protein bars, vitawater and waterbottles. I had no urge to ever run inside and grab a greasy sandwich or bag of candy...ever.

Planning to eat out, when you can, is also important. I have found time after time that ordering without a plan, while being rushed, with all of those smells surrounding me equals trouble...trouble that night and the next day. My body hates me for the bigger intake of grease or fats or even that extra drink :(. It affects my work out the next day and I always leave regretting that I didn't have a plan.

For those times when we are invited out unexpectedly or we are forced to eat out due to time constraints I always go with a salad, only with a vinegar based dressing and half of it or a broth based soup!

My go to at Mexican restaurants is a half chicken salad and bowl of tortilla soup. I order skinny margaritas if they are on the menu. If not I have water with lime. My go to for most fast food places is a salad, wrap or veggie sandwich with wheat bread...otherwise the calories are astronomical!!!

Planning and organizing is a great key to weight loss and keeping it off. If you don't have a plan then you aren't setting goals. If you aren't setting goals then you aren't every area of life right? RIGHT!!!

Btw-most of my lists are on junk mail envelopes, sticky notes or the back of coloring sheets leftover from my kiddos :). That way I can check everything off and throw it away, forcing myself to create new routines, work new muscle groups and stay disciplined every day!

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