Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chris and Micah

I've mentioned that my brother is getting married this summer on June 5th a few times. I'm not sure that words will give justice though to how excited I am to gain a new sister in law, especially this one. She and my brother love each other deeply, enjoy one anothers strengths, challenge each other to grow in their weaknesses and want to honor the Lord with their lives.

My parents, maternal grandmother, me and the happy couple.
The story behind their meeting is a God story as well. They met through church, while both are living in Alabama going to school. However, I had already met her family back in Texas as her little sister had recently began attending the school where I teach. It was a crazy connection between our two families and I felt like God was in a very strange way answering my constant prayer of "give us family in Texas please!".

Micah's sisters, parents and the happy couple. I made their sign a long time ago after seeing one on pinterest.
It was evident that after a few months of dating that Micah was the one for Chris, they both knew it. However, as dating usually goes, they needed to wait to get engaged until schooling was done and they had things in place financially.

Ummm, can you say cutest picture ever. My mom knew that Micah loves doughnuts so she ordered those instead of a cake for the shower. Their shower invitation is framed in front of a white and dark chocolate with sprinkles doughnut and they are their normal model looking selves in the background. This is THE PERFECT PICTURE!!
Chris proposed in a very intimate sweet way to Micah last August and then immediately drove her 10 hours out to Texas so she could show off her ring to her family ..and us ;). We threw them their first wedding shower this past weekend and I love that so many friends and family showed up to support them and pray blessings over them.

One of the personal touches at the shower were M&Ms with their names, I Do and one of their engagement pictures on them;).

Happy couple with the hostesses, my mom, our family friend Lani who had it at her home (THANK YOU LANI AND WES!!!), me and my beautiful Aunt Robin (my dad's little sister).
We had both families well represented with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces and nephews :). They also had several friends from church, work and school there well as a surprise visit from one of Micah's bridesmaids from NY.

A vacuum from my parents, I think they were laughing at the fact that Chris probably has no clue how one of these contraptions work :).

Opening monogrammed kitchen towels from Micah's parents.

Another sweet monogrammed gift from Micah's parents...Eat Pray Love Apron.

I was a tad worried about how my kids would behave during the shower...but, they were fantastic. They played with the other kiddos there, entertained themselves with skillets :) and made sure that the M&Ms and doughnuts weren't wasted!

Their love story!

We all had so much fun watching them open gifts and hearing their comments about how this would help them establish a home together. The grandparents and parents were all smiles as they watched them love each other and mingle with their guests. I was just giddy that I was able to help them celebrate as I thought it would be virtually impossible living 10 hours away. I am so happy for the addition of Micah to our family and for the aunt my kids are getting and the sisters I'm getting (I'm totally claiming Trin and MB too....MB and I have been claiming each other as family since she was in my 9th grade art class two years ago!!!).

A set of knives!

Micah's grandparents

My families gift to them, a drill and interchangeable screwdriver.

A gift from Lani and Wes, a key to their heart pillow :).

The doughnuts really did steal the show...Along with my cute boy and sweet aunt!!

The happy couple with the "bride and groom" sprinkle doughnuts.

I'll end this post with my sweet sweet girls picture. This was her 2nd doughnut of the day..but it was not her last :). She was the perfect little hostess and made quick friends. She has been on cloud 9 since we got here and as usual has been narrating her life as well as everyone else around.

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