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Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Snow!

I am sitting here, watching to see if our school will close or delay the start of school tomorrow. There are gobs of schools who have already made the decision as the weather forecast literally looks like a rainbow moving through our area all night tonight and into the morning. I will give you one guess as to what our families first choice would be :).

As long as the weather is gone by Friday so the kiddos and I can drive to Alabama, then all is well. We packed tonight and are looking forward to celebrating Uncle Chris and Aunt Micah's upcoming wedding at a shower on Sunday. We are looking forward to seeing CCi and Papa and the rest of our family. In fact Baby Boy has said every morning " look mommy, I take a good night night and now I ready to go fishing with Papa". He even met at the door as I came in from working out one morning with his PJs and spiderman boots on with all intentions of jumping in the van with me and heading that way!

I found these pictures from all of our TX snow day sand thought it would be fun to compare them to  this years two week sweep of snowy/ice weather.

Our first seminary housing. We loved our neighbors, all newlyweds, no kids....we definitely acted like kids and built this big ole guy :)

Snowball fight. We stored them up in laundry baskets and igloos and then went to town. I am the one in the green jacket getting ready to lob one.
Last years snow day, all bundled up and ready to double sled down the hills. The kids played and played in this stuff and never once complained about being cold or wet.   

This year... I took these from the teachers lounge window as the kids and Adam sledded on the hills. You can see baby boy is able to sled by himself, Goober has flung himself off backwards and Ribbit is probably making a snow angel at the bottom of the hill.

Our beautiful home covered in snow!

Its a great day when you get to wear PJs to school, read all day, school gets out at noon due to snow and you get to take it over because your parents both work there :). I know a lot of teacher kids who don't like it that they go to school where their parents work. Our kids love it far.

"sledding" indoors with one of our favorites Mrs. Duvall.

Coming in from the snow to get warm!

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