Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Artsy Fartsy

As you know my first love was and always will be art.  I have this need to create or be productive at all times. Heck, I will make a project for myself if things slow down a bit. Its a nuisance at times to my husband who just this past week told me that he was going to implement quiet hour for me this summer. LIKE 1 WHOLE HOUR OF SILENCE DAILY.....that may be my exact definition of torture. I totally get his motives though, to allow me to quiet my heart and hear from the Lord.

So with that introduction here are all of the things I have been "creating" lately!

At home:

Buffet before

Our sweet friends got married, combined homes and gave us a lot of their beautiful furniture. We changed things up a bit to make it fit our home.

Adding stripes that are the same color as our living room.

Finished product. I also spray painted the handles bronze.

Not a huge project but I took these glass coke bottles, sanded them a bit and spray painted them gold. I added the suckers for a baby shower I was throwing but now I change out the contents. CUTE, CHEAP and EASY!

At school:
Our school put on the Sound Of Music for this years musical. I was in charge of sets, which totally rocked my world since it happens to be my favorite movie of all time! I was handed these cardboard tubes and told to make the abbey columns.

My big and little man and several students helped me with sets this year. Here is the base coat going on.

Next we began to work on the top arches. We added foam stones around each arch.

Painted and textured to catch light.
Tops, columns and bases all attached. They wanted them to look worn from the weather.

The VonTrapp living room step 1. Its slate gray but reads blue..I also added a top glaze which gives a slight texture that is needed due to the direct stage lighting.

Maria's bedroom. Its a pulled linen look and this color looked great with the yellow and blue curtains. 

Cute huh?

Big Man helping me rough up the Mother Abess's office. His name was listed as one of my crew :) in the program.

Finished office

Finished columns with backdrop and some lighting.

Anchor motif to go above main doors in VonTrapp home. Draw on foam, cut out, added rope and then painted.

Finished trim, eagles and anchor motifs in Vontrapp living room. This is the party scene as the children are singing good night.

Gazebo..nothing to big here, just painted white.
Whats on the schedule now? I am the host for a 15 school competition on Monday and Tuesday of next week...its been a little crazy organizing everything but I love allowing my kids to compete and show off their talent. I am also in the middle of addressing all of my brothers wedding invites in calligraphy...whew doggie!! PRESSURE PRESSURE. However, my artsy fartsy productive driven heart is full :).

What are you currently "creating"?

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