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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Harvell 5

I attended Auburn University for my undergrad degree, which is about 3 hours away from my parents home. Whenever I would come home my dad would always make this comment "it feels so good to have all of us under one roof". You could bet big moolah that this saying would come out of his mouth on the first night of my weekend at home and WIN everytime. I always heard it, always rolled my eyes at it, always let him squeeze me tight as he said it but I never understood it.
Until now.
This spring break we were a divided family. Chelsea (my cousin and our live in nanny) drove with me and the two youngest down to my parents home for 6 days. Adam and Goober stayed behind to do manly things and have "the talks".
It's not that I didn't enjoy my time home, because I thoroughly did. I actually like going back to my hometown ...NOW, 13 years after graduating..and seeing old high school buddies and family friends. Its refreshing and brings back sweet memories.
It's not that I am super clingy to my husband, because he will be the first to tell you that I am kinda independent and like to do my own thing.....until night time. Then I need me some cuddle, tv time, body warmth while I sleep....actually sleeping alone kinda stinks now a days.
It's not that I was worried about the survival of my boys. I probably should have been based on Goobers description of their meals as being "pulled together", "covered in cheese and ketchup", Five Guys, they actually admitted to missing my cooking. Goober also revealed to me that they ATE IN THE LIVING ROOM ON MY LIVING ROOM CARPET...the one with white and blue chevrons...if ever I could reach through the phone and shake my finger at my husband. 

What was it then?

 What made me understand my fathers comment " all under one roof" was this.

On the first night when we were all back we went to Ihop to eat as a family of 5, nothing against our nanny but there is something different when we are just "us". It didn't hit me until our dinner was served and we all reached for each other hands. No one said " time to pray", no one said " grab a hand" no one said " who will pray?".

We all grabbed hands and our two youngest in unison sang as we repeated.

God our Father, once again, thank you for our blessings, Amen. 

Except we say it this way since we repeat our youngest...

God our Fader, once again, any many blessings, Ah ha man.

We sang it together, out loud, at Ihop, squished inbetween other families looking for some time together.

In my head I saw the signature I put on every Christmas Card, birthday card or letter that leaves our home .....Love, The Harvell 5.

That's us. The Harvell 5. The 5 people that God knit together in such a special and unique way. The 5 that pray together, cry together, deal with one another's bad moods, give out hugs and kisses, pick up after one another, wrestle, punch, wipe snotty noses on, irritate and pile into one bed together.

The Harvell 5 that do not look alike, in fact we couldn't look more different. The Harvell 5 that aren't quite sure if we are done growing. The Harvell 5 that know what redemption, forgiveness and love look like through the eyes of adoption.....earthly and spiritual.

I love our 5 and it feels right and good when we are all back together under one roof. I totally get it now Daddy!

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