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Monday, March 9, 2015


My parents took us to see the Dinosaur exhibit at the Mobile convention center on Saturday. The kids didn't know what to think at first. The dinosaurs looked very real and were larger than life. They eventually began to enjoy themselves and in the end wore their little bodies out from all the excitement. Little man was so tired from the long day of traveling before and waking up early that morning, that at one point he was shaking. We got him a big hamburger, assuming that my dad would help him finish it and before we knew it he had eaten the whole thing!!!

Checking out the ships docked outside the convention center in Mobile Bay.

Scared faces!

Measuring up to a Pteranodon.
Petting a baby dinosaur with mommy.

There were at least 8 of these and she wanted her picture taken with every single one of them!

Playing dinosaur mini golf. Mom said he wouldn't stick his hand in the dinosaurs mouth to retrieve his ball.

But...they both were brave enough to slide down this t-rex's mouth several times!!! You can see Big Man is wearing his superhero cape!!
A little freaked out by the moving t-rex!

Riding a triceratops!

No wonder people think they are twins!!!
Screen time with Uncle Chris, Adam calls this the teenager face!

Big bubble bath time with Papa!

Sleepy snuggles with CiCi.
Ribbit woke up this morning and said " I had a wonderful dream last night, I dreamed that Daddy came to Alabama". I think someone is missing their sweet daddy! I spoke to Goober over the phone and he told me that he and Adam have been sleeping in and that the house is very quiet. He said that they are working hard and he wanted to talk to his little brother :).

Adam is busy this week having "the sex talks" with Goober. They are covering everything from puberty, to dating, to how babies are made. After we had been gone for one day I called to ask Adam how that days talk had been and he said "well he just stopped shaking so I think he will be fine". :). After last nights sex talk Adam said that Goober won't look him in the eyes :). I am so glad that my husband is willing to take on these talks with Goober and prep him about relationships and the good things that God made to happen between spouses before the world gets a hold of him and allows him to believe a bunch of lies. We are praying that Goober would trust us enough to continue to have these talks with us and bring questions to his Dad that he needs answered from a biblical perspective.

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