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Friday, March 20, 2015

Fitness Friday- Marathon Recovery

I recapped Saturday after the BIG 26.2 on my blog, but the rest of the week's recovery looked like this...

Sunday-rest, eat well, ice, nap, decide if going to the restroom is a necessity or if I can hold it longer due to the pain in my hips. ( I never took pain meds though, they do weird things to my tummy).
Monday-3.5 mile walk, bodyweight circuit, eat well, stretch really well
Tuesday- 4 mile walk, noticed that my knees are still cracking but no pain in hip or knee by this point
Wednesday- weight circuit 3x, run 3 miles, feel really good but really need new running shoes!!
Thursday-weight circuit 4x, run 2.5 miles, SUPER SWEATY, feel great, knees are cracking away!
Friday-weight room

I have gone through a wide variety of emotions ever since last Saturday. The minute I finished I was on cloud 9 and stayed that way throughout  most of Saturday and Sunday. I even felt this way when I had to hobble around at church and kindly request that we stay away from stairs or inclines or anything that required bending :).
Then someone asked me if I had gotten the itch, had I become addicted to these things? Wait, there is an addiction to marathons??, now that is just sick. No, I am not addicted. In fact I have said several times this week that this was my first and quite possibly my last marathon. (side note: I would so love to train with someone and help them get ready for one and another 1/2 is totally do able)

But now I feel somewhat sad, or at least somewhat unmotivated. I have worked out every day this week since Monday but its almost as if I am doing it without a goal in mind. I feel like I have achieved most of what I set out to do last June...lost weight, built muscle, increased weights, incorporated HILT training and now the marathon. My brother suggested that I now work up to a cross country run...psshh.

Soooo, I am kinda meandering around. I definitely want to keep my exercise routine in place and continue to challenge myself but a new goal, even if it is another secret one is desperately needed!

I have played with signing up for camp gladiators. I have been involved in some classes but never maxed out in one. I could sign up for a triathlon but in all honesty I am as good at swimming as I am in math.....just do enough to stay alive. I still hold my nose when I jump in for crying out loud. I also don't like the idea of getting big shoulders.
Oh, and then there is the biking portion, unless I could find a super cushy seat I would probably pass on that too. Which makes it just another running gig right?

So, any ideas?
 Any goals I could set?
 Any local camps or competitions or classes I could sign up for to challenge myself?

St. Patricks Dinner done right. Green oatmeal pancakes, green ham and green eggs. We also finished off the meal with a devotional about St. Patrick who led thousands to Christ in Ireland after being held a slave there for most of his childhood.

Breakfast that morning was green apples and green vanilla yogurt. Can you tell that I was excited to actually find some green food coloring?

While on the topic of "green" this is a protein shake that my brother gave me to try. In all honesty it was the best tasting I've ever had. I mixed it up with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup dark chocolate almond milk and lots of ice. I drank on it for at least an hour or so and it was super filling! Around 120 calories.

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