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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wah Wah Strep Throat

I need a break. Seriously. From marathon training, set painting and directing a 15 school 2 day, really 3 days for me, art competition and then just the usual life stuff I am done. And my body agrees. I went to Urgent Care today, its strep. I am pretty good at ignoring pain and getting stuff done but after 3 days of no voice, little energy and lots of cough drops I gave in.

So, now that the competition is over I feel like I have tons of free time on my hand. And since I have strep my free time is going to be spent sitting on my couch catching up on the blog and some of my favorite shows :). .....oh, and I may have booked a spa day for Saturday!!!

Some funny kiddos things as of lately...

During our dinner devotional about the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine, Goober was asked how he thought wine was made. His response? "grapes and water mixed, then you add in drugs".

My sweet girl has been covering me with prayer over the last few days, asking God to heal her favorite mommy. She has also been singing very patriotic songs over the last few days like " GOOOODDD LOOOVEESS AMMMERRIICCAAA, my HOMMMEEE SWWWEETT HHHOOMMME"...her version of God Bless America. She is also still on the Sound of Music songs kick and sings " How do you know the girl thats named Maria?".

Little man has way too much personality...its cute but also worrisome since he starts school next year. I already get phone calls like none other keeping up with my other 2, but I bet he trumps them both! He has been throwing teenage tantrums and marching his hiney into his room when he doesn't get his way. I really don't know where that came from since my other two never stomp away. He also consumes massive amounts of food and is constantly asking for more "matzah, juice, ornjajes (oranges) and his favorite WAFFLES!!

First tball game of the spring season!

Someone is loving cheerleading!!

Learning the splits!

Best buds and neighbors.

We are so thankful for the special relationship we have with our neighbors. Adam and Michael are now co-coaches for our boys.

Little girl, please stop growing up!

Meanwhile in mommy and daddy world, couples who squat together stay together :).

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