Friday, April 24, 2015

Fitness Friday-eating out tips

I thought I would put down some thoughts I have on eating out, whether that's at Zoe's kitchen (known for its healthier organic choices) or MacDonalds...(my kids personal favorite).

Tip #1-DON'T EAT OUT!! Our food budget is much better spent on groceries that contain fresh fruit, veggies and lean proteins. I cringe every time we pay at a restaurant as I think through all of the meals I could have prepared for that large sum. We honestly only eat out if its a tight time constraint or if we have been invited by others to celebrate.

Tip #2-Check out the menu ahead of time. Almost all places will have their menu posted online. If you are lucky they will even have their nutrition facts posted. I always, always have a plan before eating out. Don't let your senses overwhelm you and order something quickly that you will regret later. If you can't find the menu or calorie count order a broth based soup or salad with dressing on the side. Order fish when you can and veggies as sides instead of fries or chips.

Tip #3-Do not pay for a beverage, thus order water. This will not only fill you up but will keep you from drinking 500 calories. I try to always order lemon or lime with my water to make sure it has some flavor and it also keeps me from filling like I am missing out.

Tip #4-PACK SNACKS!!! On our last trip to Alabama (20 hour drive) there was not one meal that we ate from a fast food place. I had plenty of snacks for myself and the kids packed ahead of time. We weren't tempted because we were always full and I made sure that I packed great food with some treats as well so that we were enjoying ourselves as we passed MacDonalds, without the need to whine for french fries :). I am such a snacker anyways that I would gladly give up 3 meals a day for 6-7 larger snacks.
Eating their bagels and peanut butter sandwiches, along with superhero and barbie apple juice :)

Tip #5-Enjoy yourself. Many times you will find yourself eating out as part of a celebration and nobody wants to hear you talk about how you can't eat anything or how the food is too unhealthy to even touch :). If there is absolutely nothing great there to eat then pick something that your stomach can handle and eat it slowly, ENJOY THE HECK OUT OF THAT DOUBLE CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE...but eat it slowly so that you don't go back for seconds. I have been known to make a cookie last for 45 minutes :).

Tip #6-Fill your plate with veggies/fruits and lean protein, then add in one cheat. If you finish your meal and still want to split a dessert with your family/friends go for it. Just make sure that you aren't going to regret it in your morning routine the next day. I normally eat my meal at the restaurant, sometimes bringing home half of it and then if I am still hungry I will eat yogurt, matzah or apples with PB2 at home for dessert.

If you are honestly having trouble with not overindulging at fast food places just think about how much exercise that one double whopper is going to cost you. If its 500 calories, that is 5 miles at a 9 min mile for me to burn off. Its not worth it :) that is going to wreak havoc on my stomach and it might even keep me from my workout the next day.

So what do I enjoy at fast food places??

-Braums chunky cappuccino sugar added frozen yogurt with dark chocolate bits...YES THIS IS WORTH THE 270 calories!!! Its the only milkshake I have found that doesn't start at 400 calories and yet still taste heavenly!!

Even my students know of my love for Braums chunky cappuccino milkshakes :)
-Starbucks spinach, veggie panini

McAlisters-french onion soup or grilled chicken salad with my own dressing

Mexican places-Tortilla soup, grilled chicken fajita salad with my own dressing or a fish dish with brown rice

Subway-Turkey with lots of veggies on wheat with mustard

McDonalds--if I must, grilled chicken wrap with small yogurt parfait

Chick Fil A- Marketplace Salad with 1/2 packet of low fat berry vinaigrette.

Boston Market--Garlicky Spinach (SUPER YUM), roasted potatoes and green beans..this is their veggie plate and its very FILLING
Check out the empty garlic edamame bowl and our fresh sushi plates...YUM!!

Sushi places-brown rice if they have it, anything with spicy tuna or salmon, nothing with cream cheese. Edamame for appetizers or miso soup.

Italian places-good luck..salad with my own without cream sauce?? Olive Garden's minestrone soup and reduced calorie salad is pretty good but I haven't found any pasta or meat dishes that are super low calorie and worth it :).

Medi Cafe-Hummus with Pita, Salmon or Mahi Mahi, green beans, Lemon Orzo soup

Costa Vida-Mango Chicken Salad without the tortilla and my own dressing

We are heading out to enjoy a cabin on Lake Murray in OK this weekend with some church friends..lots of biking, hiking, fishing and FUN in our future!!

BBQ places-turkey or chicken, sauce on the side....veggies without cream, lots of butter or in a casserole.

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