Friday, April 17, 2015

Fitness Friday-documentation

One thing that I have found very rewarding on this health journey has been documentation.

I didn't do this from the beginning but now I wish I had. Its awesome to look back and see how far you have see goals you have reached.

There are days when the scale can be disappointing...and on those days I look back through my health planner and the goals, mileage, consistency, food dairies are the things that motivate me to keep remind myself that the scale is not in charge here.

I personally use a planner that my mom got me for Christmas to track my mileage on cardio days, my workout plans and my PRs (personal records). I use MyFitnessPal app to track my calories daily. Over time this app will chart your food and show you how you are stacking up carbs, compared to fats, compared to protein. Seeing that I was quite overdoing it on the fat portion is what encouraged me to seek out those high protein/low carb satisfying snacks and I believe its what allows me to eat 1400-1600 calories a day and still stay very full.

Another thing that I track, which may sound a little conceited is compliments that I receive. For example, my kids were invited to a swim party last weekend and for the first time EVER I swam with them and had NO WORRIES about what I looked like in my swimsuit, instead I played with them, went in the hot tub with them, slid with them and HAD FUN. THEY WERE SO EXCITED..I was the only mommy who got in. At that party one of the moms told me how inspired she was by me since I was willing to get in and play with my kids instead of stand around and talk with all the other moms...that compliment did more for me than any thing anyone could ever say about my body. Another compliment that I wrote down was from my brother. He has watched me lift weights throughout my whole journey and told me this week how proud he is of me. He noticed that I was now adding weights on to the bar instead of just lifting the bar. That pumped me up because I honestly didn't think anyone was keeping track and two-he is all about being healthy and he has inspired me beyond belief!!

I wanted to share with you my past 6 weeks of tracking so you get a sense of what my "normal" is. I love to vary things up and I love to look for ways to exercise while at the park with my kids or while they are playing a sport themselves. Exercising as a family can be super fun...especially when your kids come up with names for each birdy flap and frog jump.
Big Boy!

Week of March 8-14
walk/run circuit at Sparger Park while kids swing
Cardio/weight circuit with Debbie (around 3 miles)
Cardio-6 miles
Weights-1 hour
Cardio-5 miles
Walking-3 miles

Week of March 15-21
Set Painting --lots of squats that I wasn't expecting, and after the marathon..shheessh
1 hour walk, still sore from marathon, light bodyweight, mainly stretching
 Walking/weight circuit-about 3 miles
Running/weight circuit with Debbie, still not trying to overdo from marathon recovery-3 miles
Running/weight circuit-3 miles
Weights-1 hour
Stairs and walking, 1 hour combined, noticed IT band hurting on left leg
Keeping starbucks in business! COLD BASEBALL MORNING!!

CRYOTHERAPY=happy times for IT BAND!

Week of March 22-28 
Stairs and walking, nothing from IT BAND
Running circuit with Debbie-3 miles
Weights-1 hour
Weights -1 hour
HILT circuit, first time to sprint or do side lunges after marathon and I felt great
Stairs/Walking-1 hour combined
Cardio-6 miles, light weights

Week of March29-April 4
circuit training with running, 20 minutes on stairs
Weights-1 hour
Run/Walk circuit at Sparger Park plus 15 minutes on stairs
Weights-1 hour
Look at me mom!!
Week of April 5-April 11
Easter-NOTHING, completely resting and family time
Light circuit, still recovering from sickness, only 30 mins
Stairs-15 minutes, JCSP circuit (Jumping Jacks 40, Crunch 30, Squat 20, Push Up 10)-3 times
Weights-1 hour
Walking with Debbie (1 hour)-very upset stomach from milkshake night before :(
Cardio/Weights circuit and 15 minutes stairs
Cardio/Weights circuit and 15 minutes stairs

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