Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fitness Friday-Eating to stay full

I need to capture this moment. Ready?

I am alone in my house, all I can hear is the air conditioner turning on, my neighbor weed-eating and my own breath. I can smell the chicken that Adam is smoking outside and I can smell my shampoo. I just took a loooonnnnggggg bath, by myself, no kiddos. I just got back from a walk/run/stairs circuit and now I am indulging in some dark chocolate raisins and lemon water. HOW ON EARTH? are in town :).

In-laws are in town for grandparents day at school. See the cute girl in the front row in pigtails..ALL MINE!

Now granted I look like death....I am still recovering from strep and I woke up with a strep infection in my left eye too..otherwise known as conjunctivitis or pink eye. Too bad its not Halloween, I wouldn't need a costume this year. Other than that though life is peachy. This morning I changed out my kiddos wardrobes, went grocery shopping and bought lots of rainbow color veggies and relished in the fact that I was off on a Friday. On Good Friday I might add, good because of a man who was blameless yet gave his life for me on a cross....a very good Friday.
Someone is happy to have his roller blades.

Switching gears...eating to stay full. Over the past year I have given up lots and lots of favorites. June 2nd will forever be a monumental day in my life. Its the last time I ever ate greasy fast food, a snickers bar, drank favorite is cherry otherwords its the day I started caring and utilizing self control. I recently read this quote and I totally related to it "its easy to be a loser" true. Its easy to shove food in carelessly, to eat whatever is convenient and "tastes" the best. Its easy to sit on your bum and whine about the way you look. Its easy to blame other things in your life for your lack of self control. Its HARD though to put your health first so that you can pave the way for your family. Its HARD to walk past treat after treat in the teachers lounge. Its HARD to bring your own food to a party just in case there is nothing healthy offered....but its so easy to do it time after time. After a while your body stops cravings in fact craves ENERGY through food and exercise. Which brings me to today's topic....eating to stay full.

It took me a while but I finally realized that if I am going to count calories then I am going to only eat the things that will a)keep me full and b)taste GOOD!!! I have been known to make a whole bowl of something that was deemed healthy only to realize the taste is awful and not worth my gets chunked or passed on to Adam who eats anything. I also always look up the calorie count before ever eating anything and ask "is it worth it". I could have 1 snicker bar or 2 gala apples with PB2 on them!!! Hello, hand me the apple, all natural caffeine and  2 of them???? I could either have one sugary donut covered in more sugar for breakfast or .....4 egg whites, spinach, creamy pepperjack cheese in between two toasted english muffins and a cup of coffee with creamer....YES PLEASE!!!

That donut and snicker bar aren't even going to keep me full and 2 hours later I will be reaching for something else. I have also found that chugging water right when I feel hungy is an awesome way to stay dehydrated and hold myself over until the next snack or meal time.

So what do I eat to stay full?

Steel cut oats with 1/2 smashed sweet potato and lots of cinnamon...sometimes sugar free syrup on top.
Steel cut oats with PB2 mixed in and one cut up gala apple
Egg Whites with spinach and salsa either on rice cakes/ matzah or english muffin
Cheerios with Protein, plus I throw in 3 oz of blueberries/ raisins or strawberries
Whole Wheat waffles with bananas on top
Greek yogurt smoothie with spinach, mango and lots of flaxseed

Oatmeal/ Apples/ PB2 made very syrupy.

Tuna fish with relish and mustard in between toasted Sara Lee 45 calorie wheat bread
Cottage cheese with mango/peaches/pineapples
Spinach salad with craisins/walnuts/ chicken
Turkey, Cabbage, Laughing Cow cheese all in a whole wheat wrap

Mango/ Strawberry/ Spinach smoothie in the making. Pretend my countertop does not have food smears on it.

Cocoa almonds
Banana, PB2 in whole wheat wrap
Dark chocolate raisins
100 calorie popcorn
Apple with PB2
Frozen grapes

Chicken, mushrooms, broccolini, onions and wilted spinach on top!

Protein/lots of veggies
I make a lot of soups-favorites are tortilla and butternut
Stir fry with liquid aminos
Tofu noodles (DELISH) with light alfredo sauce
Spaghetti squash with chicken and light alfredo sauce

Whole wheat tortilla/banana and PB2...SO GOOD!

Egg whites/tomatoes/ laughing cow pepperjack cheese and matzah.

These are my favorites....all of them allow me to walk away from the table feeling completely satisfied!! Make your calories count!!!

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