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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Insert witty title here

After wasting exactly 3 minutes of my life trying to think of a witty title I gave up and instead I will ask you create one for me...dig deep.

First thing on the agenda, or at least my agenda is the Boston Marathon. I read story after story today of those who ran in the marathon yesterday and how they felt at the end. HOLY COW, I teared up as I read every one of them. One blogger I read beat her goal time by 3 minutes and cried like a baby...I so relate to that and I just cried because I actually finished. Another blogger I followed cried and cried as she read the signs of those who were out to cheer on the runners in memory of a loved one that they had lost at the bombings 2 years of those victims was a 31 year old girl who was killed as she crossed the finish line....cue the tears. Can you imagine being there to cheer on your daughter/sister/friend through this awesome goal only to lose her at the finish line. Its soooooooo inspiring. Its inspiring enough that I have been thinking all day about starting to train for another marathon this summer....maybe even trying to get my time down to 4 hours.....YIKES. The two bloggers I follow finished at 3:57:00 and 4:12:00.....I finished in 4:35:00 so I believe with enough training I COULD DO IT!!!!.

My big girl who was blessed with a bike from our neighbor who stops and chats daily while walking his dog.

My big man who earned yet another Daniel Sticker...we are on our way towards becoming mayor!

I've told you before that she gets to pick out her outfits for church, no questions asked...well this Sunday was Gold Princess Day....obviously. Oh, and we are close to picking out new flooring for the kitchen and foyer area. By close, I mean we don't like what each other likes but now we know that :).

Big Man was also blessed by a bike this weekend from church friends...oh you should hear him talk about himself on his bike...he went from a 3 year old with an attitude to a 16 year old stud. "Wook at me mommy, I not fall down and I go weally fast". "Wook mommy, I fall off and I not cry because I have muscles". "Wook Bubba, I can beat you in a race because you is slow hahahahahahah".

Another thing that interested me was how the blogger who finished under 4 talked about how she was miserable for 85% of the race and at any given moment she could have thrown up. Now, that was not my experience at all...however, there were several differences in our marathons (weather, traveling to the race site, time, all of the other competitors, stress she added by telling everyone her goal ahead of time) but I can totally relate on smaller runs. For example, just today I felt AWFUL the whole was 69 degrees outside and I was hydrated, had eaten a protein bar but for some reason felt like I could puke the whole time and pretty soon what started out as my 6 mile run turned into a 3 mile and bolt for the car run. Its encouraging to hear that everyone has their off days but powering through (when you can) is worth it. Almost every time I feel bad during a run its due to poor food choices though...blah...what an awful cycle.

Speaking of poor food choices (but so worth the company)....our double date with Uncle Tis and Aunt Micah. SUSHI SAMS ...the best ever!!! Followed by at least 1 lb of FRO YO....OH YUMMMMMMMMM!!!

Around here life is life. As we always say " you cant add chaos to chaos"......

But you can add in a weekend camping trip to Oklahoma with friends, a yardsale with neighbors, upcoming middle school parents meeting (MIDDLE SCHOOL....YIKES, we barely made it through 4th grade), end of the year parties, church huddles and oh yeah those 2 full time jobs and 3 kiddos who enjoy cheerleading, football, baseball, roller blading and biking at ALL TIMES and we are BUSY PEOPLE!!!

Meeting Ribbit for lunch and walking her back to class.

Brother/Sister lunch date at Annas....Salmon with chipotle sauce, rice and beans...YES PLEASE...we both got it and tore it up!!!! SUPER YUM!

Chris and I also share a love for calamari and this along with quesadillas (weird i know) was dinner one night.

We enjoyed having my brother, Uncle Tis here last week. He spent individual time with each kid, much of it including ice cream :) and I thought that was so sweet. He offered to pick up my kids, eat lunch with them at school and was always ready to WESTLE (wrestle).  He and I got to work out together, worship together, talk about our past, our future, look through old pictures..he even got to spend a whole day golfing with Adam....I LOVE LOVE LOVE their bromance :). There were BIG tears the day before he left and the morning of his many tears that we could only be consoled by doughnuts before church...geesh, lets just call it high fructose corn syrup therapy.

Goober cried all through our last lunch with Uncle Chris the day before and then sobbed that morning.

They only perked up as we entered our favorite local donut store and saw that they indeed had superhero, fairy and cinnamon twist donuts. Mom and Dad were able to keep it together without donuts :). However, the tears came back after church.

He still got it past all 3 goalies :)

These two ....ah, I am exhausted just looking at them. They FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, LOVE LOVE LOVE. They weigh the same, have a lot of the same mannerisms and want to sleep together every night.

Baby Boy's sitter took this and sent it to me. HE LOVES GOING BACK TO MRS. SHEILA...she has been such a blessing to us, especially taking him back with only 6 weeks left in the school year. Every morning he wakes up and asks us when we are leaving to go to Sheilas!!!

 Countdown is still on to MAY 20th...last day of inservice. I can't wait to spend more time with kiddos, have less of a schedule and get more fresh vitamin D!!!!

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