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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I am really not looking forward to going back to "normal" tomorrow. Today was inservice and it was a tease since we were done at 10:30. I made myself stay until1 and get stuff accomplished, like some emails sent out, the printing press set up and wiping off all the paint that my kids got on the tables as we went to my room often for art projects. Then I went grocery shopping so that the kids don't go back to school with crackers, half a banana and a rice cake. I call that a good lunch, especially when I stick a note on the crackers that say "love you, mom" ;), too bad the kids don't agree.

As I recap the break, overall things went well. Hosting Christmas for 2.5 solid weeks is a little overwhelming. Planning activities, cleaning, cooking, keeping up a workout schedule, avoiding huge calorie meals and making sure everyone has enough presents under the tree is daunting. My husband got to hold me while I just cried myself to sleep on the last day of our official break. I was exhausted and just wanted my kids back. It sounds weird but not being the one to put them to bed, and not being able to just have conversations with them and cuddling with them before bedtime makes me very jealous for their time..I mean its our family break too right :). Grandparents also have a way of making excuses for poor behavior which means that we have endured two days of nightmare behavior. I sound mad about that and I honestly get peeved when people allow them to behave poorly but on the other hand I am sure that is why I loved my grandparents so much too. However, even Chelsea commented today on how bad the kids behaved for her and she could tell that grandparents had been around. Its a balanace eh?

I think next year we will just go on a Disney Cruise, no seriously, I am already looking into it. We leave on Christmas Eve and get back 5 days later. No presents to balance out, no decor to put up, no activities to plan besides do we want to meet Goofy or Daffy tomorrow at 2 and going somewhere warm SOUNDS FANTASTIC :).

Well let me end all of that with a bah humbug and move on ;).

Nothing like pictures of cute kids to turn the blog from negative to positive huh.

Heres the loot from Santa. Each kiddo got name art, clothes and a pin board with all of their pins they collected from Disney. Baby Boy got a bookbag to start school next year with, a ton of remote control semi trucks, art supplies and fire trucks.
Ribbit got the name art, pin board, clothes, art supplies, boots and the full set of dolls from Frozen.
Goober got name art pin board, clothes, black paper with glow pens, a new backpack (he is sooo rough on his), some glow in the dark boards for his room, art supplies and superhero ring pops.
Showing off his muscles in his Mr. Incredible suit
Showing off her favorite clothes from Santa.
He is a true boy and didn't want to change into his favorite outfit.
Holding up their name art.
Showing off his tools and toolbelt from Uncle Chris.
Outside in the freezing cold wearing his boots and monkey hat from CC and Papa and playing with his remote control car from them.

I'll have to upload more pictures....For now, its time to get these kiddos to bed so I can head that way myself...tomorrow starts my countdown to summer break :), just kidding, not.

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