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Saturday, January 17, 2015


As I shared in my first Fitness Friday post, I truly believe we are a very indulgent society, my home included. We indulge in food, entertainment, gossip, clothing, gimmicks, sports, etc.....basically everything except the one area that we are free to indulge in, our Faith.

My prayer for the past several months has been "Father, make me desire you above all things, give me a taste of what your word offers to my life and remind me to INDULGE in you constantly." I love the thought of indulging ourselves in the word, in prayer, in praise, in fellowship, in community with other believers. Its like putting a big ole pile of pumpkin spice doughnuts in front of me and saying "SISTER, HAVE AT IT!!! TEAR THEM SUCKERS UP, EAT THEM ALL BECAUSE THEY ARE CALORIE AND SUGAR FREE"...except its ten times better and if I indulge in the Lord I will never want for more!

There is no limit to how much we should indulge ourselves in the Lord. We should crave it, soak in it, lick the bowl clean if you will!
So how do we do that?
(long blank stare and pause)
I have no clue. I think it starts with a commitment. As I mentioned in my New Year Resolutions post I have a daily planner where I document, brainstorm and set goals for all of the compartments of my personal health. ITS ALL IN PEN, no pencil here. It's a commitment. As I shared with my 8th grade girls bible class (yup, the bible teacher struggles to indulge herself in the Lord), I want to schedule in a daily wake up call with the Lord so that my conversation with Him begins the minute I wake up. I'm not talking about an allotted 15 mins where I read 2 chapters, annotate on the side, sip coffee and check if off. I am talking about a lifelong habit where I wake up, thank the Lord for being mine, ALL MINE, a God that I can indulge in and then I continue that conversation and relationship all day long.

 It looks a lot like spending time in the word, praying before making decisions, listening for answer to those decisions, spending time with my family in prayer, speaking truth from scripture into my children daily, asking others to pray over me, going before the throne for others, SERVING my church, community, workplace and like Romans 12:10 says " Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor". OUTDO each other! INDULGE in HIM and you will be able to OUTDO one another by showing honor. Now for this southern competitive girl out doing others is something I can handle. Challenge accepted :).

Would you pray with me that we would learn to indulge ourselves in the Lord in 2015? That we would have a heart that yearns to desire Him and seeks to truly get to know Him!
How do you indulge in the Lord?

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