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Friday, January 23, 2015

Fitness Friday


Really the only, and I mean only bad thing about weekends is that I sleep in and then scramble to get solid workouts in. I normally resort to taking the kids with me to the gym on Saturday and letting them play in the middle (scooter, tricycles, coloring, eating) while I literally run circles around them. On Sunday mornings I can usually convince Adam to go with me to the weight room before church or if I have time I can normally get in a good 2 hour run on Sunday morning and still have time to recover before church. Regardless, its always torture on Mondays to wake up at 4:45 and get going after two days of sleeping in until at least 5:30/6.

So as I said last week the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare really retrained my body and tastebuds. I ate every 2/3 hours and every meal had a veggie or fruit alongside a lean protein. I used the advocare meal replacement bars (LOVE the Gingerbread and Apple Cinnamon), the meal replacement drinks (the Mocha was my favorite) and drank Spark (strawberry mango) every morning. I actually still use Spark in my spinach NutriBullet smoothies or on its own if I need a zap late in the day!

I started out at 151 lbs, on my 5 7' frame before the 24 day challenge and at the end was at 142. I lost 9 pounds and noticed an immediate difference in my clothing (especially my jeans).

In Week 2 of my 24 Day Challenge I began to add in exercise in the form of laying a 800 square foot flagstone patio in the backyard. I made it off limits to my husband, as in LET ME DO IT ALL!!!!! Once we figured out the basic shape of the patio I leveled it all, then carried in wheelbarrow load by wheelbarrow load of over 3 tons of pedestrian pebbles and leveled that out as well (leveling ain't no joke). You have to put this down under the flagstone for proper drainage. I then began the grueling task of laying each and every stone , leveling it and working each one in like a puzzle piece around 3 trees and around our raised garden beds. Then I dug a trench around the exterior and laid skinny stones as a border. YUP, all little ole me. I would do  it every morning when it wasn't so hot and the kids could play outside on the playground or in the sprinkler. Then every afternoon during their nap I would head back out. It took me a full month.

Our neighbors probably thought I was being tortured by my husband. We are in a very friendly area of town and people are constantly walking/ jogging/ walking dogs/ outside chit chatting to their neighbors and so daily I would have someone come up and remind me to drink lots of water. Our older neighbor across the street offered me his much better wheelbarrow several times and asked if he could carry back the larger stones for me. I tried to explain that I chose to make this my project but I still got several scowls and "honey, take a break, its too hot out here for that". Bless them.

After I finished that patio I was hooked on the "get nasty sweaty" but still feel awesome feeling I got daily and started looking for another form of exercise that I could do daily.

To be continued....

Goober's artistic view of the pedestrian pebbles and one of the four pallets of flagstone.

Baby Boy and Goober enjoying scores on the patio right before we camped in the backyard.

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