Tuesday, January 27, 2015

At the risk of sounding crazy....

I have had several people ask me for some weight loss tips, so with the risk of sounding nutzo to all of you, here are some things I do daily.

1. Mantras-Yup, I talk to myself. Constantly. My inner voice has even more of a southern twang and at times it is quite annoying, but hey, whatever works.
     *Morning Mantra-GET UP AND WORK OUT, YOU ARE ONE DAY AWAY FROM 500 lbs.
         -Almost every morning my alarm goes off at 4:45 and I have a conversation with myself about
          how sleeping in until 6 would be so much better than working out. Then my morning mantra        
          speaks up and I realize that if I CHOOSE to not exercise self discipline I will be right back
          where I started. I was no where near 500 lbs but I did feel awful about myself and knew that I
          wasn't healthy.
         -This plays through my head at least 12 times in every mile I run. I have to remind myself to
           finish the stinking run and then I can get on with the rest of my day. BUT, if I stop then I won't
           start again, in fact I will feel the soreness even more and I will notice all of those blisters. Oh,
           and by the way, I didn't come up with this mantra :).
   *Weightlifting Mantra-BEING SORE=BEING AWESOME. Wow, someone might need a piece of
           humble pie eh?
         - My hardest days are my weight lifting days. I am not sure why but exhausting my body to the
           point of not being able to lift my arm long enough to write on my white board later on that day
           is mentally exhausting. I normally perform my weightlifting circuits 5x through and by the 3rd
           round I am done, like I want to sit and eat a whole apple pie done.
         -I have to push myself through those last 2 circuits, reminding myself that what I am doing is
  great for my body and I will live. I even channel my students, those 10th grade boys who yell "beast
          mode" while working out. (Lord, I hope thats not slang for something inappropriate).  Yes, I
          may have to use the stall wall to lower myself onto the potty all day or ask my kids to help me
          tie my shoes due to the soreness, but hey I am still awesome for getting through those 5
          circuits!! BEASTMODE
  *Dessert Mantra-Nothing taste as good as being healthy feels. (again, not my own).
         -I saw this on Facebook, or pinterest or twitter or some screen and instantly owned it. You know
          those times in life where you think "that cake was not worth the calories"...yup, been there
          done that. Now if its not a veggie/ fruit/ or lean protein, I stop and ask myself if its truly worth
          it? Did you know that running at a moderate pace for 5 minutes only burns around 45/50
          calories? ....I mean thats like 1/2 of some McDonalds value meals. (hehe, value). Now, don't let
          fool you, there are many desserts that I think are ABSOLUTELY worth the calories.....like my
          grandmothers peanut butter pie (TOTALLY) or a small Chunky Chocolate Cappuccino  
          Milkshake (2 please), but only if I have enough calories left for the day (a whole other post).

Besides Mantras, other daily "crazy" routines are
         1- E   A    T   I   N   G        V   E   R   Y       V       E      R    Y        S     L    O    O     O  W
          This alone has attracted many weird looks and comments from my co-workers. I am proud to
          admit that I have used an entire hour to eat one cookie. Darn tootin. If I am going to eat those
          calories then I am going to ENJOY every last bit of them for as long as I possibly can. Plus, by
          eating slower I never want seconds because I realize how full I am when I finish my last bite. I
          also cannot think of the last time I looked down and thought "woah, I woofed that sucker
          down", bring on the upside stomach later! Slowing down allows your body to digest the food
          easier and make better decisions, pure and simple!

       2-I enter every calorie I consume into the MyFitnessPal App on my phone. EVERY LITTLE
          CALORIE. Sometimes if I know what my day looks like I will enter everything that I plan on
          consuming for all 3 meals and then tweak it fit in my 1400 calorie a day goal. This is especially
          helpful for those days that end with a dinner out or a party. I can be very conservative at
          breakfast and lunch and then completely enjoy my dinner and time with friends without feeling
          guilt or giving up on my health goals.

       3-I say no to almost anything that can't be calculated into MyFitnessPal App. Unless I can see the
          box it was made from or know a food that is nutritionally comparable then I don't eat it. This
         allows me to say no to almost all baked treats in the teachers lounge and at parties. Once again,
          if I got in a 12 mile run that morning then you better believe I will enjoy a homemade cupcake
          but instead of guessing on the calories I type in "box cupcake mix" and choose the
          highest calorie option available, just to make sure that I am not underestimating.

I could and will elaborate more on just how helpful the MyFitnessPal App has been in my weight loss in another post. But for newbies, download and just play around. It is user friendly and doing something towards your goals is better then doing nothing or putting it off for another day.

Speaking of crazy....
This is my super crazy but super adorable hubby. He was Johnny Appleseed for the lower school this year as they celebrated all things Apple. He might be crazy but he is in good company :).

Can you see Ribbit's face? This is the most normal picture I got of her on a field trip one day. Her eyes are definitely crossed. So much for the whole "don't do that or they will stick" saying. 
See? Those little eyes crack me up!

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