Thursday, January 22, 2015

Le Fashion Coach-Peach Pickin

Le Fashion Coach

Have you seen the large winnebago around town called "Le Fashion Coach"? You kinda can't miss it due to the awesome design work on its exterior and its two very welcoming owners. Le Fashion Coach is a boutique on wheels, selling everything from headbands to purses, from trendy tops to unique handmade jewelry organizers. On their website you can find out where they will be stopping next as well as how these two friends became business partners.
As you can see Ribbit LOVES the "bus shop" and can't wait to go back. She convinced Dana, one of the co-owners to take selfies with her as well as several posed pictures in front of the boutique. You can see the inside of the shop somewhat in the background. They have gutted it and turned it into a sleek shop, complete with a fitting room!

I ended up buying this beautiful long gray open sweater with fringe. I wore it the next day to church with black pants, boots and turquoise jewelry and received several compliments. They have something for every budget and for every occasion. YOU MUST STOP AND SHOP!!!! They even have an option for you to host a party at your home, thats right, they come to you....(Now, if we can just convince Kroger to develop an at home shopping option, right????) Sounds like a fun GIRLS NIGHT OUT TO ME!!!!

I'm pretty sure this little one is their biggest fan. She has asked me several times "mommy, when are we going to go shop again on the bus?". 

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