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Friday, January 16, 2015

Lub You-An old post with a great video :)

First things first, some documentation....

Last night we had a pizza party for the end of the season for my club volleyball team. I ordered Goob and I a medium pizza and figured I would end up taking home some to Adam and Ribbit. However, I put one slice on my plate and started talking to parents and players. I knew that Eli was hungry but when I turned to get another slice about 10 minutes later our whole pizza was gone and there were several pieces of crust on Eli's plate. HE ATE THE WHOLE DAGUM THING!!!!

Usually we have to tell Ribbit "love you" first and then she repeats us. Tonight, she was helping me cook, she counts along with me and plays with the measuring cups. In the middle she looked at me and said " LUB YOU"!!!! Melt my heart!!!

We put ABC decals above Ribbit's crib and we point to them and sing the ABC song as we put her to bed every night. Now, she will just start pointing to the air and sing " A E D A E ".

Goob is getting really sad about the idea of leaving school for the summer. He had a little meltdown today when he was telling the seniors bye. Two seniors are assigned to each Grammar school class and they go on field trips with them, come hang out with them and help them with field day, etc. Today was their last time together and as they were saying bye Goober just cried and cried. He has such a sweet little sensitive heart. I am dreading having to watch him tell his teacher bye...he literally runs to get to her every morning and give her a hug...its going to be bad!

Heres a video of Ribbit eating corn on the cob....pretty comical!!!

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