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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why Peach Parents?

Over the years we have been invited to share God's story for our lives with several different audiences. Its something that makes my mind go into shutdown mode because there is so much to tell yet it seems so sacred. Why? Because there are parts of our story that make me ugly cry and parts that make me grin from ear to ear due to God's redemptive powers. There are parts of our story that really belong to my kiddos and are things that I would rather them choose to share with complete strangers. There are also a lot of time periods where we have to fill in the information due to what we were given. About two weeks after Goober and Ribbits homecoming we were handed a box with 3 thick binders and told "here is your child's history". It makes me sick to my stomach even now thinking about how much documentation and lack thereof was in that box. You see every piece of paper seemed to represent something awful that happened to them, around them or in front of their little innocent eyes. Or that piece of paper represented another home where they were told that they would not be a part of that forever family. Or that piece of paper showed how little people really cared about my children and how much information was still missing. I remember getting through one binder and feeling nauseous. I had to put the box away and mentally prepare myself to pick it up at a later date. Adam still hasn't read every paper and its not because he is lazy or doesn't care....those are tough things to read about your own children, yup OUR OWN children.

So, when we do get asked to speak we normally speak about the things that we have been taught by the Lord or through our children in this whole journey. Recently I was asked to speak to a group of men who meet at our school early every Thursday morning for bible study and prayer. To say that I was intimidated is a huge understatement. (in fact, the first time I was scheduled to come I had to call and cancel due to throwing up and developing the mother of all migraines the night before......I blamed Fuzzy's Tacos from dinner but as my husband quickly reminded me " you did it to yourself") I'm not dramatic at all. The title of my spill was "Lessons for a Peach Parent" and I will explain that to you as I did to them early that Thursday morning.

There are moments in our journey that I will never forget, that will never fade, that I can still close my eyes and picture every detail of. One of those is being in one of a million foster/adopt classes we had to attend and test out of  and being taught to not push labels such as "mom" or "dad" too quickly. Therefore on that COLD February day when we were introduced to our forever kiddos I remember telling Goober to pick out what he would like to call us. Since Christmas was still fresh on his mind he chose Rudolph for me and Santa for Adam. (Imagine the next day in Target when Ribbit threw up all over the aisle, cart and us....we sent Goober to find someone who worked there to help us clean up and we hear him yell "HELP US, SANTA AND RUDOLPH NEED HELP, THEY ARE COVERED IN THROW UP". Anyways, we answered to those names for sometime. Ribbit, only being 18 months and still not talking didn't call us anything for a while but then went straight to mommy and daddy.

One week after their homecoming Goober started school (on Valentines Day) and in all irony tore my heart to pieces. He walked in very timidly, was hugged by the sweetest/ gentlest teacher we have ever met (I'm totally nominatin her for sainthood the next time I am asked), and started handing out his valentines. I stood at the door swallowing a very large lump and wanting to stay with him the whole day. This child that I had only known for 1 week already had a huge part of my heart and I felt that purest mommy feeling that we all know about those first days of kindergarten and releasing them into the wild. Later on that day I went back to check on him (for the fourth time) and tried to keep him from seeing me, kinda, I was secretly hoping for a hug or a "mommy I missed you, lets cuddle!". However, his friend saw me and pointed. She seemed confused and said " who is that?" Without missing a beat, he answered, "thats my peach parent!". Cue more tears!

So since that glorious day of Goobers first day of school we have had many many labels. We have been told by our children that they are caramel and we are white chocolate. Last summer as Goober examined the tan line around his waist he declared " hey mom you are my BUTT COLOR" (the little stinker gets a killer tan every year as Adam and I are lucky to go from a glowing white to pasty). As he has become older and wiser, or a smartypants, he has revealed that his first thought about seeing us on his homecoming day was "Aw man, I don't want creepy white parents". Creepy, us? So out of all of those I felt like the title of "Lessons for a peach parent" was the best. I don't think many people would show up for a lecture titled "Lessons for a butt colored creepy white girl". Thus, the name has stuck.

For some time now we have been called by our most favorite names in the world....Mommy and Daddy. Sure, it may make us grit our teeth after the 4056th time we have heard it in one hour but we wouldn't trade those labels for anything. How honored and blessed we are to have three little creepy caramel kiddos to call us that!!

Here is (in my most humble opinion) the most stellar family picture ever!!! I have begged Adam to let me get it blown up onto a huge canvas and display it proudly on the mantle but it hasn't happened yet. Its probably a good thing as I honestly lose it each and every time I look at this picture. I'm trying to hold Ribbit who is deathly afraid of the Smoky the Bear hot air balloon that is rising to the left of us. Goober is his usual happy, darling, big man self and Baby Boy has no clue what is going on and is quite annoyed at the actions of it all. We were a hot sweaty mess that day but its still a fantastic memory!

Peach Momma

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