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Friday, January 9, 2015

Goober's report card


We are so  proud of Goober! We got his report card today and ALL, I repeat ALL of his grades came up from the first semester. Some, even by as much as 10 points!!! All of his conduct grades either stayed the same or came up as well. THIS IS HUGE. I literally read his report card, tore out of my seat (during planning period) and went to get him two gourmet cookies, NOT 1 BUT 2. I wrote him a celebratory note on top of it and took them straight to his building so he can know how stinking proud of him we are at lunch today. As I was telling other teachers at lunch our good news several asked how this was how did I work this miracle?, teach me teach me! I just smiled because as I have said in other post we have learned that no amount of lecturing or yelling or grounding will change his behavior. We have to appeal to his heart and encourage him to listen to the Holy Spirit and then PRAY. Adam does a great job of appealing to his heart in our discipline style and dinner devotions, asking him questions and then we both lead into an application time where we ask "how does what we just learned" apply to our current situation. 
Its funny because Adam has several scriptures posted on his bathroom mirror and Goober has some of his own posted on LARGE construction paper on his mirror that say "Think before you speak" and "think before you do". Not scripture, but great advice!!
Goober can also read people like a book. He spots in-genuineness from a mile away. Most kids do but he is able to discern how people are feeling, who is upset with who and why a loooonnnggg time before other kiddos his age can. That's probably why he repeats every stinkin thing I say, he LOOONNNGGSS to be a part of the grown up conversation. At our New Years Eve party with several other school families he chose to sit with the older bunch as we played Catch Phrase instead of watch Toy Story upstairs with the little ones. He didn't have a clue as to what we were talking about since it was the generation Catch Phrase and for almost every category he couldn't relate but he still tried to be a part of it all and laughed when everyone else did. I think this is why he also gets in trouble a lot for "parenting" the younger children. He really does discipline them in the same exact manner and verbiage as  we do but then gets REALLY aggravated when his siblings don't listen and blow him off. Overall though I think this skill will be really useful in his story, being sensitive to others and being able to pick up on social cues and hints that others completely miss. 

Ribbit didn't want to go back to school. I didn't blame her but her whole " my stomach hurts" and "my tights are too tight" and "its too hot for a jacket" in 30 degree weather made me a little less compassionate. I think the dress up days are  helping her ease back into school and getting to see her friends. We met with her teacher yesterday and are heavily leaning towards keeping her in kindergarten again next year. She is the youngest by far and isn't really into this whole reading, writing, learning the alphabet thing. In fact, if the words aren't "let it go" or have something to do with Frozen then she ain't gonna do it. There is a Pre-1st option but after seeing what kids are heading that direction we feel like she would still feel behind and never gain that confidence she needs for 1st grade. As I thoroughly thought it through during my run this morning I realized that by holding her back we also get to keep her at home one more  year which makes my heart super happy! However, Baby Boy will never have the option of repeating any grades...he is our last kiddo (well for now :)) and we will want him out of the house, right? 
Ribbit's problem isn't a learning disability at all, just an effort one. She doesn't really live on this planet at all times, for the most part her head is in Arendale helping Olaf get warm hugs and declaring her love for all things blue and icy...I'm  not kidding, if she can relate something to Frozen she does it. If they would just put the ABCS to the tune of "let it go" we would be skipping 1st grade next  year!!!
Baby Boy is actually ok with staying at home with Chelsea now. He does ask if he can go to school with us everyday but now that we can promise him that next year he will be with us it eases the morning exit. He always gives us kisses, grabs my hand and like a gentlemen leads me to the garage door. He allows us all to exit then yells " BYE BYE EYEBALL STINKY FACE" and slams the garage door like a boss. It also helps that he has 432,920 new toys to keep him busy during the day. At night he has started telling us that he is just too tired to go to bed, or that his neck hurts or asking "mommy can I have you?'. Some nights that works and he ends up on the couch asleep on me, other nights he sneaks and makes a whole bed in the foyer between his and Goobers room and sleeps there....but regardless every night around 2/3 he comes into our room, declares that its to dark to sleep in his room, cuddles up to us and falls back asleep in our much darker room :). 
Thats all for now!

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