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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Great British Baking Show

Y'all, have you heard of "The Great British Baking Show". If not, you are missing out!!!! I stumbled upon it while looking for the newest episode of Downton Abbey and I was immediately intrigued (and not just because they devoted a whole challenge to Tiramisu, the MOTHER OF ALL DESSERTS!!

You can find it on the PBS channel on Apple TV. I have always gravitated towards any and all food shows and food competitions but this one is quite different from American cooking shows. How? 

1. EVERYTHING sounds better when it is said with a British accent. I'm pretty sure I don't like curd but I would TEAR IT UP after listening to them describe a "Biscuit with a lemon chiffon curd and apricot coulis". They also talk about how blonde or brunette the "bake" is and I personally just call that done or burnt. 

2. Biscuits mean crackers, but they look like some of the best stinking crackers I have ever seen.....they are huge and crunchy and look like they may be better than those pumpkin sunflower seeds crackers at Jasons Deli (don't act like you don't shove 3 packets of those in your purse for a to go snack)!!!

3. The show focuses on, get this, THE BAKING!!! There is no drama between the bakers....none, they all high five and hug each other when one is declared top baker and they cry when one is asked to leave. This past week I thought we may see some drama after one of the ladies pulled out another contestants Baked Alaska and left it to melt on the counter. It ruined the dessert and ultimately sent that contestant home.....BUT, he never once said anything rude to her or threw her under the bus when the judges asked for an explanation. This would never happen on an American cooking show, PUH-LEASE, they sabotage each other left and right and snicker when someones cupcakes don't rise. 

4. The judges are there to judge, not insult. They encourage the bakers to take risk, tell them exactly when they mess up and wish them well in their baking journey as they are booted off. They are never rude, condescending or appear to be baking gods. Its very refreshing. 

5. It makes me want to quit everything, run to COSTCO and buy the biggest bag of flour they got and go to TOWN!!! Now, I would be as lost as last years easter egg trying to figure out how to use a convection oven or knowing whether my bread needed kneading or leavening or both. And don't get me started on how this ARTSY FARTSY momma would begin converting all those grams into ounces but I would "give it a go lad". They make baking look so fantastically classy and respectable with fancy ingredients (caster sugar, and glace cherries) and those presentations, WOW...I would honestly eat a hot dog (my most hated food) if they piped some of their fancy meringue on top!!!

So far they have covered biscuits (crackers), baked alaska, Sauce serving cakes or puddings (think anything resembling a molten lava cake) and cakes. Check it out!!!

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