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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The itch....

Oh no, I watched this video, all the awful news about those sweet kiddos in, its been almost 10 months since we brought home Baby Boy....sooooo all that equals the adoption itch.


Adam graduated today......I am so stinking proud of him. I can honestly say that he worked double for his Masters than what I did for mine. Not because of the course load but because he did it all while being a wonderful daddy to 3 awesome kiddos.  I'll post pictures later.

We dedicated Baby Boy on Sunday....i'll post pictures and talk about it more later too....don't worry, Ribbit gave me plenty of material. Ribbit always knows how to tell off the preacher for not praying correctly in front of the whole congregation...its her spiritual gift :).

She also reminded me that her booty is DANGEROUS tonight.....and as she does every morning, she ran into our bathroom (not hers) to use the potty and from her throne yelled " I'MMMM ANNNNN AMERICANNNNNN". I asked her teacher if she is teaching her patriotism at school and she said " not at all".

Goober brought home a book from school and declared that a girl had bought it for him from the book fair, along with a matching bookmark. NOT OKAY. Since when do 2nd grade girls hit on my seriously cute boy? We had a nice talk about how I am his only girlfriend right now :). We wrote the little girl a thank you note but I wanted to add a P.S. that said   ---watch it sister!!!

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