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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Free Apples and Milk

We got free apples and milk today. There were two reasons....1)the store has just opened and the cashiers weren't really sure about some things. The other reason was that I had an 8 year old holding up every (and I do mean every) candy bar in the store, reading me the sugar content in it and then asking me to buy it. My 3 year old was punching the coin star machine and making lots of weird receipts come out and my 9 month old was beating the snot out of the shopping buggy with his remote (yes we take our own remote places since he likes to push buttons). I think I would have sat down and cried if the cashier didn't offer me free apples and milk after 10 minutes of standing at the register in chaos.

Catch up from Thanksgiving.

Playing with Lolly.

We did in fact drive all over ALABAMA!!!
She likes being the she crawled up in Baby Boy's seat and started playing with his toys :)

Lolly and Goober playing in the trees at the NEW lake house.

Playing at Nannie and Papaw's house.
Back in Texas at Pancakes with Santa....early in the morning....2nd year in a row!

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