Saturday, December 8, 2012

Date Night

Adam and I went out for dinner tonight to celebrate his graduation!!! We hired two of my sweet students to baby sit so we also took the opportunity to finish christmas shopping!

I've decided that I hate Toys R Us as much as I hate Chuck E Cheese.....its an even hate for the two...the same hate I have against hot dogs, ketchup, armpit hair on men (not that they have it, but when they show it or when I accidentally touch Adam's), people chasing me, litter boxes and riding in a silent car...that is some STRONG HATE!!!!

Regardless, we did get almost everything we need and some birthday presents and some stop shopping I guess.

I still have Thanksgiving pictures to load, advent pictures to catch up on but I'm tired and need to watch at least one Alias before going to bed :).

This sweet little girl loves this song and sings it about 143892 times a day. ENJOY

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