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Monday, December 3, 2012

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Goober was just a humming tonight while he was helping me finish up our advent ornaments. When I asked him what he was humming he said " jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg"..oh no, he's definitely a boy...changing up every tune to include something about smelling...great!!!

We finished up our advent ornaments today..both of the older kids painted some of them while mom painted the more detailed ones. We also took a long afternoon stroll since it was 80 degrees...really?, come on Jack Frost!!!

Here are some more pictures from Thanksgiving.

We used to always go to the Pow wow when I was younger for Thanksgiving. There is a lot of Indian in my family and several of our cousins and aunts dance and are very involved in the Porch Creek tribe. 

Here we are waiting for the Pow Wow to begin....I would like to point out that my dad has a bad neck, broke it as a kid. However, whenever Ribbit asks for Papa to hold her he grabs her, lifts her up and pops a pain pill :)

 I was trying to catch Baby Boy's reaction to all the hoop-la...he didn't move the whole time during the opening ceremony.

 Crawling all over Uncle Chris after Thanksgiving dinner.
 Uncle Chris taking care of Baby Boy. He is getting some good training to be a like 20 years...when he gets a girl :). However sometimes I wonder that my kids are actually pulling for the opposite side and securing Uncle Chris's decision to never have kids :)...that way they can have him all to themselves:)

 Baby Boy and his Great Grandma. When we adopted Ribbit and Goober her first words were "yay, someone in the family finally looks like me :)".

 I'm guessing she didn't want mommy to take up any of her Uncle Chris time....or maybe because I reminded her that we were leaving Alabama in a couple days.

 Doing what they do best. We only suffered one severe injury this time...2 big ole knots on Goober's head.

 Chelsea loves loves loves Baby Boy...she always runs to claim him and will hold him until we leave :). We love you Chelsea!!

 I love this part. There is almost always a fire at our get togethers lately. Its fun to sit around and catch up. What you don't see is the other side where Goober and the younger male cousins are chasing each other with sticks, throwing anything they can find into the fire, scaring each other, tricking Goober into doing funny things and creating sea saws and fake seats :)....we laughed sooo hard!!!

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