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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Christmas

As I already said, Santa came early this year.

Santa was also on a budget this year and so each kid got a need and a want....well, that was the plan until our Adoption Agency Christmas Party. We arrived and they pulled us to the side and handed us a GARBAGE BAG full of toys for our kids. Apparently a church came to them and asked if they could sponsor all of the foster families....even the kiddos who were already adopted. Sooooo, we put all those gifts out from Santa and they each got a need and a want from Mommy and Daddy instead :). We tried, we really did and we did talk to them a lot about being grateful and how we can bless others this year at Christmas time.
I'm so grateful for an agency who doesn't drop us after the papers are signed and who still includes us and loves on us and our kiddos!!!!

I like this picture because Goober is like " what's up with Santa leaving ashes and bootmarks all over our carpet?".
Little Man (hes graduated from Baby Boy) is loving all of his stocking stuffers. TEETHING TOYS!!!
Mom and Dad were taking pictures at the same time, thus the bright flash. Opening their stockings!!!
This is the beginning of Goober receiving clues about his Disney Cruise....he read "motion sickness" medicine and said  " i guess this is for when I get dizzy?"
It was pretty funny because after he had gathered all of his clues -Dramamine from this stocking, a Mickey Mouse Pez toy from Santa left on the cookie plate, a Donald Duck toy in the Christmas Tree and his snorkeling gear hung up on the mantle he grouped them all together and we asked " What do you think all that means?".....he thought about it and said " that I haven't been very good this year?"....HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Our Christmas Card this year ..

                                                         Merry Christmas from the Harvells!!!

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