Sunday, December 2, 2012

Playing catch up

Today was super productive....because it had to be. We have a new caseworker who is coming on Monday and since we don't want to have any more hiccups in adopting Baby Boy we cleaned, put things away, fully decorated for Christmas and cleaned some more. We also had breakfast with Santa, attended a birthday party and went grocery shopping :).

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving..more to come!

We stopped at Santa Land on our way to Alabama...whats one more hour in the car when you are driving 10 :). 

Oh and I feel the need to defend the carpet on our dashboard. I like it..I want to keep it there..I want to keep this car as new and as clean as I possibly can..I don't care if it makes me look like I'm 200 years old...I don't care if it takes away all of my cool points (i mean I drive a mini-van for crying out loud, not really worried about cool points anyways). There, just had to get that off my chest. Adam makes fun of me but I'm a mommy now and therefore I feel its okay to be more practical than stylish (saying that with some sarcasm in my voice)

They had the music timed with their lights...the kids liked this part!
Ribbit requested that we take a picture of the cow in the tornado :). The whole time Ribbit was saying " mommy, daddy look at dat" or " look, Gawd made all dese lights for us". Goober was pretty upset because there were signs posted that said " do not stop " and the car in front of us kept stopping for about 20-30 seconds at a time. Adam and I never complained but from the very back you would hear Goober say "hey car, follow the destructions, it says no stopping", " can't you read destructions?" :)
First stop was to see my grandpa, the kids "great papa". He lives in a nursing home a few blocks from my parents. We walked there and about 1 block away from the home it started raining. So we ran, me and 3 kids with a double stroller. When we got there my grandpa was visiting with friends in the front room. Only 2 of the women in that room liked us. They would smile and my grandpa would say " did you see my family and point to my kiddos". The others did not. One man kept fake crying anytime my kiddos would cry or scream or get loud. Ribbit sang " ring around the rosies" about 10 times and would have kept going except for she tripped over someone's walker and had a meltdown. Baby boy climbed up on Papas wheelchair several times and would scream or spit at him :). And Goober, well he just wanted to get home and play his beyblades :).
My Aunt Robin and great papa came over the next morning and within 10 minutes Goober had sucked her into a beyblade battle. She won, even though Ribbit told her that beyblades aren't for "little galls".
I would drive another 10 hours to get a picture like this. My baby with my granddad...both of them smiling and enjoying each other. My aunt told me that my grandpa thinks I have cute kiddos and I would agree :).

Getting kisses!!

Baby Boy fresh out of the bath and ready for Thanksgiving. I do believe we had the chunkiest turkey on that day. I would like to take credit for his cute outfit but really I opened his drawers to pack for our trip and it was there...not sure who gave it to us but THANK YOU!!!

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