Saturday, December 1, 2012

because my momma said so

My momma said I should keep just one I think I will :).

Ribbit has started telling adults things like " my mommy said to keep my jacket buttoned" or "my daddy said my name is Ribbit (insert real name)".....she says the last one to me if I call her "honey".
You see each kiddo has their own pet name. Goober is "honey" "or "big man", Ribbit is "sweet girl" or "silly goose" and Baby Boy is "sugar booger", "big man"and "bud". So I call Ribbit "honey" she reminds me of who she is :), because that is clearly her big brothers pet name :).

We have 3 trees this year. Its a bit much but let me explain why.

Our fanciest one is in the dining room and has all silver and white ornaments on it, white lights and an angel topper. It also has all the ornaments we have made together as a family on it and if you come within 5 feet of that tree I will have a panic attack. I actually didn't put the two most precious ornaments and they are going to stay in bubble wrap until I die :). That one is also directly in front of our big dining room window so that we can open those blinds and it will add to the outdoor decor.

Our big crazy tree in the living room has all of the handmade ornaments from school, all of the funny ornaments Adam and I have collected over the years and a silly tree topper that Ribbit picked out. This is where Santa leaves his presents. We actually have no clue where this tree came from. It appeared in our garage and we think we either found it on the side of the road last year or inherited it...maybe?. Its a really big nice tree so we thought, why not...we will have two big ole trees.

Our third tree is about 1.5 foot high and sits on our kitchen bar. Its our advent tree and each night starting tomorrow (dec. 1st) we will hang an ornament on it as we read from scripture and anxiously await the birth of Jesus. Its a great way for us to focus every night in December on the true meaning of Christmas and to re-teach our children every year the important truths in the Bible. We did this last year with the Jesus Storybook Bible and this year we are adding on a tree and ornaments to go with it. I got the tree and ornaments at Hobby Lobby for less thatn $10 bucks. I'll post pictures as we go of each ornament and the scripture it coincides with. Some are a stretch to find a matching ornament with but we matched the ones that count towards the end :).

I had a conversation at work with a friend in which I was grumbling about even decorating this year since we will spend most of the Christmas season with family in Alabama...but she reminded me that I am building family traditions with my kids. Duh, thats what I want. I want them to be excited about Jesus's birth...even though it means I have to tie Christmas trees to the wall........even though we broke 3 ornaments in one night (not my precious one though thank goodness)....even though Adam and I spent 2 hours untangling those darn beads to go around the tree. It's all worth it in the end.

Here are some pictures of the oh so precious ornaments that we made last year .....gotta make some this year with Baby Boy!!!

He was so proud of his work...check out that mohawk and toothless grin.....someone hurry and invent a device to keep kids young!!

Working so hard!!!!

Look at mine Mommy!!!
Chubby little 2 year old hands!!!
Finished precious ornaments that you may see if you come to my house, sit on the carpet, swear you won't drop, take off the bubble wrap and look at for .5 seconds :).
(we did give some out to family :))

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